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Money Counter 2108 UV/MG Counterfeit Detection Machine

Electronic money counter 2108 UV/MG intelligent counterfeit detection machine auto star / stop / clearing system,...

৳ 9,000
23 hours ago
Bank Note Binding Machine Tape

Kraft paper material, white kraft paper color, moisture proof, waterproof, anti-static, offset printing mode, roll...

৳ 450
20 hours ago
Highbrow Money Counting Machine

Automatic half-note and fake currency detection, auto on / off sensor, digital display, compact and portable design,...

৳ 19,500
22 hours ago
Ricoh 110mm x 300M Premium Wax Ribbon

Enhanced scratch resistance, excellent print quality and require very low energy, 4.5-micron material, 1-inch core...

৳ 340
22 hours ago
Domens DMS-1580T Automatic Money Bill Counter Machine

UV / MG / IR / DD counterfeit detection, accurately and fluently money counter, easy to clean and maintain, auto and...

৳ 7,500
22 hours ago
Kington JB 800 Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counter

Dual reset button, built-in ultra violate detection system, 200 notes at a time note capacity, 100 notes in 4 seconds...

৳ 92,000
22 hours ago
Thermal Bar Code Sticker Roll 75 x 100 mm

Thermal bar code sticker roll 75 mm x 100 mm size, made in china.

৳ 0.45
22 hours ago
Kington Al-A05 Automatic Banknote Banding Machine

Full-automatic and quick binding, fasten binding with pressure / stable, self-check and show error code on display,...

৳ 24,000
22 hours ago
Money Counting Machine 8906

Counting ranger 1-9999, 600 / 1000 / 1500 pieces per minute money counting speed, 4 digit LED display, feed counting...

৳ 20,000
22 hours ago
High Quality 80 x 52mm POS Thermal Paper Roll

80x52mm POS thermal paper Roll

৳ 45
22 hours ago
Portable BM58E Bluetooth Thermal POS Printer

Portable bluetooth connectivity, 50-80mm/s black print speed, 8dots/mm and 384dots/line maximum resolution, 58mm max...

৳ 3,800
22 hours ago
High Quality 58 x 37 mm POS Thermal Paper Roll

High quality, 58 x 37 mm size.

৳ 32
22 hours ago
Kington AL 1600 Money Counter Machine

Automatic detecting with ultraviolet and magnetic counting, chained-note detection, double-note detecting with infrared...

৳ 13,800
22 hours ago
Powerful Fake Note Detector UV-106M10

Professional ultraviolet light detector, auto on / off sensor, compact and portable design, magnetic detection,...

৳ 3,200
22 hours ago
Barcode Label Sticker

Dimensions 38 x 25 mm.

৳ 0.10
22 hours ago
Kington JB-2000S Heavy Duty Reliable Money Counting Machine

Kington JB-2000 money counting machine has 200 notes at a time note capacity, 100 notes in 4 seconds counting speed,...

৳ 95,000
22 hours ago
Kington NC-3000 Dual Screen Vacuum Bundle Note Counter

Kington NC-3000 vacuum bundle note counter has 200 notes counting capacity, dual display, error count and fake note...

৳ 97,000
22 hours ago
Baijia Bj-105 High Speed UV Money Counting Machine

MG/MT detecting function, batch presetting, half and chain banknote identifying, add counting, 115 x 50 mm ~ 175 x 85...

৳ 6,800
22 hours ago
Dmax X-718 Handheld Wired Laser Auto Barcode Scanner

Dmax X-718 handheld barcode scanner has fully automatic scanning operation, multiple beeper tones, MetroSet and...

৳ 1,500
22 hours ago
Limax A5 HIgh Speed Electronic Cash Register Machine

Limax A5 electronic cash register machine has high speed with
> R mode, hot key quick operation
> Other...

৳ 13,500
22 hours ago