IPS Buying Tips

March 18, 2023

The full form of IPS is Integrated Power Supply. It mainly stores electricity through batteries and inverters and provides renewable electricity in case of load shedding. Considering the economic situation in the world, due to the increase in the price of the fuel used in electricity production, there has been a huge shortage in electricity production. As a result of which power plants in our country are not able to supply 24-hour electricity. The demand for IPS in homes, offices, or factories is increasing day by day to utilize the time without electricity. Currently available low price IPS in bdstall. 


Types of IPS:

IPS is generally of two types one Electric IPS and the other Solar System IPS.


1. Electric IPS: Electric IPS takes the charge directly from the electricity and stores it in the battery and then supplies electricity in load-shedding mode.


2. Solar IPS: Solar IPS is directly receiving charge from solar power through solar panels and stores it in the battery. Solar IPS meets the demand for electricity as per requirement. However, the comparative price of Solar IPS is higher than electric IPS in our country's market. Solar IPS is mainly used as an alternative to electricity.


Some Tips Before Buying IPS:

In our country, the demand for electricity increases to a great extent, especially during summer. As a result, there is a shortfall in the production of electricity from the power plants, as a result of which the distribution companies are not able to supply the electricity properly. To deal with power shortages, periodic load shedding across the country causes inconvenience to public life. Consumers buy IPS to protect against power outages. Let's know about the things to know before buying IPS:


Power: It is important to know the power before buying an IPS because based on the power the IPS performance depends. The power of the IPS is completely dependent on the battery. The higher the amperage of the battery, the higher the IPS capacity.


Voltage: Voltage is an important aspect of IPS. Because the voltage input and output capacity of all types of IPS are not the same. IPS standard voltage ranges from 100 volts to 300 volts. In that case, the electricity voltage of the house or office is not more than this.


Battery: The main part of IPS is the battery. IPS is impossible without it. The amperage of the battery depends entirely on the user's needs. The more the need, the more the number of batteries should be increased.


Charge Control: The inverter controls the charge of the IPS. It has an internal Relay and Silicon Control Rectifier. A more modern system than the Relay is the Silicon Control Rectifier.


Precautions in Using IPS:

  • Dry and low-traffic locations should be selected before installing IPS.
  • The wiring should be checked by a good engineer/electrician before giving IPS connection at home, office, or factory.
  • IPS connection Check the voltage of the power supply in the house.
  • The battery should be checked to see if there is enough acid in the battery.
  • If the amount of water decreases with acid in the battery, water should be given again. But care should be taken to use pure water.
  • Check frequently if the battery connection to the IPS inverter is correct.
  • The connection wire between the battery and the IPS should be kept clean by checking whether there is carbon build-up.
  • Electrical devices should be used considering the load power of the IPS.
  • Lights, fans, or any other electrical products should not be left on unnecessarily.
  • Children should be prevented from traveling in places where IPS is installed.
  • If the weather is bad, especially during storms or lightning, IPS should be turned off.
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