Tips for buying a photocopy machine

April 07, 2022

The business of photocopier is a very lucrative business. You can easily become self-sufficient by using a small amount of capital. Moreover, in an office where photocopying is regulary required, a full copier machine is essential. So it is important to choose the right photocopy machine based on the type of business or work. Today we will learn more about the tips for buying a photocopy machine.

What amount will need to be copied per month

Before buying a photocopy machine, you need to decide how many pages to copy each month. Because not all machines have the same capacity. For example, if you want to use it for general office or small business, then the model in Toshiba e-Studio 2523 will suffice. And if you want to copy more pages, it would be better to use the Toshiba Studio 2617 model.


Set your maximum budget. You may not need all the features. Again some features may be required in future. Copier is now available in the market of Bangladesh at a much lower price. Before buying a copy, get a comparative idea of ​​the by seeing the price of photocopy machine in Bangladesh.

White-black or colored

Not all photocopiers have all the features. At present two types of photocopy machines are available in the market. With the monocrome photocopier, only black and white pages can be copied. And with the help of other photocopiers color pages can be copy-printed. Black and white copiers are much cheaper and color copiers are more expensive than other copiers. A color photocopy machine can print both black & white and color pages. This is one of the features of Color Copier.

Multi functionality

With photocopy machine, not only copy but also various functions will increase the work speed and ensure maximum use. Copier's single page print, duplex print and multi-functional print system are the top 3 things to keep in mind. The effectiveness of all these things is different. Single page copier is only able to print on one side of the page. Duplex copiers can be used to print on both sides of the paper, making it possible to make many copies in a short time. Moreover, many copiers have the advantage of copying as well as printing or faxing.

Warm up time

Warm-up time is the amount of time it takes to turn on a closed copier to make it fit for work. It is not possible to keep a machine running whole days, it needs to be turned on for work. Once turned on, the device takes a few seconds to prepare itself for work. Most Toshiba photocopy machines have a warm up time of about 20 seconds.

Duty cycle

Copier's duty cycle is a unit of how many pages a copier can print in a day, or a month, or a year. Suppose a Toshiba 2523 photocopy machine can print a maximum of 1500-1600 pages in a day and a maximum of 50,000 pages in a month. Then the one day duty cycle of photocopier on Toshiba 2523 is 1800 pages. Depending on the photocopy machine, the duty cycle may be more or less. It is better to choose a photocopy machine above the scope of work.


Copier printing speed

Another important aspect of a photocopy machine is the speed or ability to print pages. Not every copier has the same print speed. Black and white photocopiers are more capable of printing pages and colored copiers are less capable of printing. Normally a black and white copy can copy about 25 pages per minute and a color copy can copy 20 pages per minute.

Paper print size

Depending on the type of work, many types of paper need to be printed on a photocopy machine. Not every paper size is the same. Paper sizes are available in the current market for making A-3, A-4, envelope and ID card. Not all types of paper can print by all types of copiers. Copier machines vary depending on the size of the paper and the printing. Before buying, you have to buy the machine considering the type of work.

Paper tray

Each photocopy machine comes with a tray for printing paper. From where the copier can automatically collect the paper and print it. Of all the photocopy machines available in the market today, there is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 paper trays. The higher the efficiency of the machine, the more space there is for storing paper in that machine i.e. more paper trays.

The cost of ink

Before buying copier, find out the price of its toner. Also find out if other compatible toners will work. And get an idea of ​​how much the ink can cost per page. However, it depends on the price of copier toner in the market.

Brand selection

Copiers of different brands are available in the market. As, Toshiba is a Japanese company so its popularity is very high and also cheap price. Other brands include Sharp, Rico, Cayosera, Canon, Konica Minolta.

Knowing all of the issues discussed above in Photocopier will help you to buy a good quality photocopy machine on top of the type of work.

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