Which Display Technology Mobile is Better?

In recent times mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily life. In addition to being used as a medium of speech, information is also exchanged. Along with the technological development in the modern world, there have been various changes in mobile price in Bangladesh, among which display technology is one of them. However, depending on the display technology, the price of mobile phones in Bangladesh is more or less. So let's know about which display technology mobile is better:

Retina Display: Apple started using Retina Display from 2012 and 2014 for higher-resolution displays, with a maximum of 4K. This type of display has a pixel density of more than 300 pixels per inch (PPI), which makes the smart phone display quite sharp and bright. Retina display is used especially in Apple brand smartphones. Using mobile phones with retina display does not harm the eyes but is expensive. Apple uses retina technology display depending on the mobile model. Retina display mobile phones are usually expensive.


IPS LCD Display: IPS LCD is a popular display technology commonly used in feature phones and classic phones. Displays with this type of technology offer better color reproduction and viewing from any angle. However, IPS LED displays are not as bright as other display technologies. The price of smartphones with this type of display technology is relatively low.


LED Display: LED displays use light-emitting diode arrays as pixels made in China. This type of display is mainly used in feature phones, classic phones or some budget smartphones. Typical mobile phone LED displays provide good brightness and clarity, but have lower rates of accurate color performance than other display technologies. Moreover, the price of mobile phones with LED display is relatively low. All smartphones and mobile watches in the budget range use LED displays.

OLED Display: OLED display is well known in the mobile phone world for its excellent color reproduction and contrast ratio. This type of display offers better power efficiency than normal LCD displays. Because OLED displays only light up the necessary pixels as needed to display the display Currently, the price of smartphone with OLED display in Bangladesh is gradually becoming more affordable.

AMOLED Display: The manufacturer of AMOLED display is Samsung. There are additional layers of thin-film transistors that provide the display with greater energy efficiency, faster response times and better refresh rates. This type of display is commonly used in high-end smartphones that can provide excellent color reproduction and contrast ratio. However, because the display of AMOLED technology is better than other display technologies, the price of the mobile is slightly more expensive.

Apart from reviewing the above issues, the display technology, brand, requirements and other features of the mobile phone should be verified. However, choosing the right display technology when buying a smartphone depends on personal preference and needs.

This article has been posted on: July 03, 2023
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