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250L/H RO water treatment system for 1500 GPD

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Price in Bangladesh

The lowest price of 250l/h ro water treatment system for 1500 gpd in Bangladesh is Tk-250,000/= only. Buy at low price in Bdstall. There is currently 0 seller.

Full Specification

Main Filter System Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Filter Stage Standard Stage
Capacity 250 liters per hour
  • Feed Pump
    • Transfers water from the raw tank to the pre-treatment unit (a.Birm, B. sand filter, c. Activated Carbon Filter, d. Micron Filter) If the Raw water tank is empty then the feed pump & the total plant will automatically stop
  • Non-Return Bulb
    • When you turn off the machine after passing water through the feed pump, the non-return bulb will guard the water against returning
  • Feed Pump Pressure Switch
    • If any vessel or Filter is blocked, if the pressure is more than 4Kg then the feed pump will automatically stop
  • Water Sample Bulb
    • To justify the activity of chemicals or filters in every step you have to use a water sample bulb to take water
  • Multi-Media Filter
    •  Removes iron, arsenic rust, sulfur, manganese, Dirt turbidity, bad taste, odor, and even chlorine by using iron removal media
  • Sand Filter
    • Reduces Dust & Clean Water
  • Activated Carbon Filter
    • By absorbing dirt, lead, chlorine, mercury, and bad taste and odors, it will reduce foulness and make water crystal clear by removing these particles
  • Backroom bracer
    • The rear chamber bracer will protect the vessels from any damage if there is a delay in the flow of water from the feed pump to the RO high-pressure pump. So that this bulb draws air into the container
  • Micron Filter
    • It is also known as a safety filter because it cleans the water again and does not consume any kind of dust before the water goes to the next step
  • Antiscalant Dosing System
    • you have to do ANTISCALANT dosing to protect our members from blocking
  • High-pressure pump
    • To supply the water through reverse osmosis membrane with high pressure
  • Water Source: Pre-Treated
  • Water Producing Capacity: 250L/H
  • Turbidity: 3.0 NTU
  • Rejection rate: ≥ 97 percent
  • Designed Recovery: 65 percent
  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
  • Working Environment: 5º-45ºC
  • Effluent Standards: Feed water conductivity ≤1000μs/cm, water conductivity
  • ≤10μs/cm (desalting rate is 98-99.8 percent)


This (RO) reverse osmosis water treatment system is advanced equipment for purifying water by the action of pressure difference across semi-permeable membranes. The pore size of the RO membrane is 0.0001 microns, and it can effectively remove most ions, organics, heavy metals, harmful substances, bacteria, particles, etc. The RO system is widely used in water treatment and purification for tap water, well water, underground water, borehole saline water, brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultra-pure water production, power station, electronic industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical, etc. Removal rates range from 95% to 99%

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