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Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C UTP Cat6 CPR E/ UL CM Cable Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 12,600
1 year service

Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C Full Specification

Model ✅ DH-PFM920I-6UN-C
ID 82246
Lowest Price ৳ 12,600
Brand Dahua
Item Network Cable
Status In Stock
Updated moment ago
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cable Type CAT-6
Color White
Length 305 Meter

Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C Extra Features

  • Conductor
    • Oxygen Free Copper(OFC) material
    • The structure is 4P x 0.53±0.01mm
  • Insulation
    • HDPE material
    • The minimum average thickness is 0.21mm
    • Diameter is 0.95mm x 0.05mm
    • Color (4 Pairs)
      • Orange, white/ orange
      • Green, white/ green
      • Blue, white/ blue
      • Brown, white/ brown
    • Tensile strength is ≥16MPa
    • Elongation at break is ≥300%
  • Jacket
    • PVC material
    • The minimum average thickness is 0.40mm
    • Diameter is 6.0±0.50mm
    • The surface is smooth, full, and tight
    • Tensile strength before aging is ≥13.5MPa
    • Tensile strength after aging is ≥12.5MPa
  • Electrical Performance
    • Characteristic impedance (1-250MHz) is 100±15Ω
    • DC resistance is ≤9.38Ω/ 100m
    • The Maximum unbalance rate of the line pair's direct current is ≤5%
    • Time delay is ≤45ns/ 100m
    • Maximum mutual capacitance is 5.6nF/ 100m
    • Minimum insulation resistance is 5000MΩ·km
  • Packaging dimension is 412 x 412 x 215mm

Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C Description

Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C UTP Cat-6 CPR E/UL CM cable support PoE long-distance transmission. It comes with excellent OFC with 99.99% purity and an environment-friendly outer sheath. This cable's characteristic impedance (1-250MHz) is 100±15Ω, DC resistance is ≤9.38Ω/ 100m, the maximum unbalance rate of the line pair's direct current is ≤5%, and the time delay is ≤45ns/ 100m.

Lowest price of Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C in Bangladesh 2022 & 2023

The price of Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C is ৳ 12,600 in Bangladesh. Visit showroom, call or place the order to buy DH-PFM920I-6UN-C from Dhaka, BD at low price.

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