Canon DSLR Price in Bangladesh

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Canon DSLR Buying in Bangladesh

Canon DSLR cameras have increased in popularity in Bangladesh because those are relatively easy to operate. Moreover, Canon DSLR cameras offer the best image quality and highest performance at a low price. So the use of Canon DSLR camera as a daily essential gadget item is increasing day by day.

Why buy Canon DSLR camera?

Canon DSLR cameras generally have good image quality and focus-exposure control systems, and the facility to change lenses as needed. Other special benefits and features are mentioned:

LCD display: The LCD display of Canon DSLR cameras plays an important role in changing the function of the work of photography or videography. Canon DSLR camera's LCD display is made of plastic or glass in an anti-reflective manner for taking clear pictures and video capture or live broadcasting in the sunlight, usually in outdoor locations.

Auto Focus: Canon DSLR cameras have an Auto Focus or (AF) option for easy focusing of images. Canon DSLR cameras can easily perform face tracking, bird, and animal tracking when the autofocus option is turned on. As a result, it can take clear pictures of moving objects with relative ease.

Video Quality: All models of Canon DSLR cameras can record at least HD and Full HD video. Most Canon DSLR cameras have a built-in auto hybrid focusing system that can automatically focus on any subject while recording video. Moreover, videography lenses are currently available in Bangladesh for creating good-quality videos with Canon DSLR cameras.

Crop factor: Crop factor is one of the features of Canon DSLR cameras. Canon DSLR cameras have a 1.6x crop factor on the crop sensor. As a result, if you use a crop frame on a 50 mm prime lens, you will get 80 mm instead of 75 mm. Moreover, using a 200mm lens on a Canon camera can capture images equivalent to a 320mm lens.

Camera Body: Apart from the attractive design of the Canon DSLR camera, the camera body is made quite strong. The body and back cover of Canon DSLRs are mainly made of polycarbonate with 10-20 percent glass fiber as well as aluminum alloy. As a result, Canon cameras last longer.

Battery: Canon DSLRs mainly use lithium-ion batteries called the LP series. Moreover, Canon batteries can be used for at least 3 years. Canon DSLR batteries can be taken for 3 to 4 hours easily if charged for 2 hours.

What is the price of Canon camera in Bangladesh?

Canon DSLR cameras are currently available in BD in both new and used condition. Canon camera price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of Tk 14,000 to a maximum of Tk 150,000 depending on the model, features, and condition of the camera. Canon DSLR cameras are available in all budget combinations for entry-level to professional-level photography.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canon DSLR Camera

Question: Which mode is best for taking pictures on Canon cameras?

Answer: “Aperture Priority” mode is best for taking photos on Canon cameras.

Question: What is the shutter limit of Canon DSLR camera?

Answer: Shutter limit refers to the number of pictures taken. The shutter limit of Canon cameras ranges from a minimum of 30,000 to a maximum of 300,000 shutters.

Question: What is the best Canon DSLR camera for a new photographer?

Answer: Canon EOS 200D and Rebel T7 DSLR cameras are perfect for new photographers.

Best Canon DSLR Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best canon dslr list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best canon dslr list has been created based on the interest for canon dslr buyers of BD Stall.

Canon DSLR Model Price in BD
Canon EOS 70D ৳ 42,000
Canon EOS 600D ৳ 17,000
Canon EOS 750D ৳ 31,500
Canon EOS 700D ৳ 23,500
Canon EOS 200D ৳ 35,000
Canon EOS 760D ৳ 40,000
Canon EOS 5D ৳ 24,500
Canon EOS 6D Mark II ৳ 78,000