Huawei Internet Modem

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৳ 1,800
4 hours ago
Huawei Movistar E303C USB Dongle HSPDA Internet Modem

Huawei E303C USB stick internet modem support high speed 3G transmission and non-interference network signal, microSD...

৳ 1,500
moment ago
Huawei E3531 HSPA+ USB Mini 3G Internet Modem

Huawei E3531 HSPA + USB mini internet modem with multi-colored LED display. This mini 3G modem is compatible with...

৳ 3,300
4 hours ago
Huawei E3276 150Mbps Cat4 4G LTE USB Internet Modem

Huawei E3276 4G LTE Cat4 internet modem has USB connectivity, maximum speed up to 150 Mbps, 800/900/1800/2100 / 2600MHz...

৳ 3,200
4 hours ago
Huawei E8372 LTE Wi-Fi USB Stick Modem

Huawei E8372 internet modem has 4G LTE / DC-HSPA+ / HSPA+ / HSPA / UMTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM communication system, Wi-Fi...