Motorola Walkie Talkie

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৳ 25,000
3 days ago
Motorola GP-340plus Two Way Radio Walkie-Talkie

Motorola GP-340plus tow way radio walkie-talkie has 245-246MHz frequency capacity, 5/1W power, powerful battery and 1...

৳ 24,300
3 days ago
Motorola GP328 Plus Two Way Long Range Walkie-Talkie

Motorola GP328 Plus walkie talkie has 128 channels providing greater flexibility in organizing different work groups,...

৳ 16,000
3 days ago
Motorola GP-328 16-CH Long Range Two Way Radio Walkie-Talkie

Motorola GP-328 two way radio walkie-talkie has 16 channel, 5-10km talk range, channel spacing 12.5 / 25KHz, frequency...

৳ 16,500
3 days ago
Motorola GP-3688 16-Channel Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Motorola GP-3688 two way radio walkie talkie has 16 channel capacity, 1 inch hidden display, frequency range...

৳ 3,500
3 days ago
Motorola Acoustic Tube Covert Earpiece Headset With Mic

Motorola acoustic tube covert earpiece headset with built-in microphone for Motorola HT1250, GP328, GP340, GP360,...

৳ 37,000
3 days ago
Motorola XiR P6600 Portable Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Motorola XiR P6600 walkie talkie has built-in scrambling for increased security, enables a user to interrupt another...

৳ 1,250
3 days ago
Motorola HT1250 Antenna For Motorola UHF Handsets

Motorola HT1250 antenna for Motorola NAD6502A / HT750 / HT1250 GP88 / GP340 / EX500 / HT600 / CT150 / VL130 / PR400 /...

৳ 9,000
18 hours ago
Motorola 56531 Multi Unit Radio Charger / Cloning Station

Motorola 56531 walkie talkie charger has 6-slots multi-unit charger, keeps radios fully charged for virtually any...

৳ 26,700
3 days ago
Motorola HT1250 Portable Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

Motorola HT1250 walkie talkie has 14 character display which uses icons and text to provide clear indication, capable...

৳ 250,000
1 month ago
Motorola XiR P8608 Two-Way Digital Radio

Power and performance with 32 channels, embedded bluetooth for voice and data communications, emergency button, three...