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35 processors
৳ 11,500
6 hours ago
Intel Core i3-7100 7th Generation 3.9GHz 3MB Cache Processor

Intel core i3-7100 processor has 3 MB cache, 3.90 GHz processing speed, Intel HD graphics 630, 2 cores, 4 threads,...

৳ 12,000
5 days ago
Intel Core i3 7100 Kaby Lake 3.9GHz Desktop Processor

Intel core i3 7100 kaby lake desktop processor has 3.9 GHz processor base frenquency, dual-core, LGA 1151 socket, Intel...

৳ 10,900
8 days ago
Intel Coffee Lake Core i3 8100 3.60GHz 6MB Cache Processor

Intel coffee lake core i3 8th generation processor has 3.60 GHz base frequency, 4 core, 6 MB smart cache, 8 GT/s DMI3...

৳ 8,700
3 hours ago
Intel Core i3 4160 4th Gen 3 MB Cache 3.60 GHz Processor

Intel core i3 4160 processor has 3.60 GHz clock speed, core 2, thread 4, smart cache 3 MB, sockets supported FCLGA1150,...

৳ 16,999
6 hours ago
Intel Core i5-7400 7th Gen 3.50 GHz 6MB Cache Processor

Intel Core i5-7400 processor has 3.5 GHz processor speed, 6MB smart cache, LGA 1151 processor interface, Intel HD...

৳ 14,000
13 days ago
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G Processor with Radeon RX Vega 11 Graphics

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G computer processor has built-in Radeon RX Vega 11 powerful graphics, processor speed up to 3.9 GHz, 4...

৳ 4,900
3 days ago
Intel 3350p Core i5 3rd Generation 3.1GHz Processor

Intel 3350p core i5 3rd generation processor has 3.1 GHz speed, LGA1155 interface. 4 megabyte cache memory.

৳ 20,000
8 days ago
Intel Coffee Lake Core i5-8400 8th Gen VR Desktop Processor

Intel core i5-8400 8th generation desktop processor has 6-core with 6 threads, great VR experience, processor speed 2.8...

৳ 8,800
1 day ago
Intel Core i5-4440 3.1 GHz Integrated HD Graphics Processor

Intel processor desktop core i5-4440 4th generation has smart cache 6 MB, 3.10 GHz clock speed, 4 core, integrated...

৳ 18,500
6 hours ago
Intel Core i5-7500 7th Gen 3.4GHz 6 MB Cache Processor

Intel core i5 7500 processor has 4 cores, 4 threads, 3.4 GHz frequency, 350 MHz base clock speed up to 1150 MHz max...

Buy processor at competitive price in BD from 35 processors so choose the best processor within your budget.

In Bangladesh, there are two popular companies for computer processor - Intel and AMD. Though AMD has some running series in Bangladesh, Intel is more popular.

Intel core i3 processor is ideal for browsing Internet, watching movies, and other common task for daily use.

Intel i5 processor perfects for a little bit gaming, photo editing, browsing and so on.

Intel Core i7 processor is more advanced and ideal for high-end gaming, audio-video editing, programming and applications that require powerful processor.