How to set up WiFi Router?

WiFi router is an essential device for establishing a reliable internet connection for fast browsing, gaming, and streaming. When using a WiFi router, it is imperative to have an understanding of the router setup. So, let's learn how to set up a WiFi router like a pro without any prior experience.


How to set up wifi router?


A router must be purchased before setting up a WiFi router. You can check router price from, a popular online marketplace in our country that provides various router brands including TP-Link, Tenda, D-Link, Netgear, Netgear, Mikrotik Cisco, etc.


1. After purchasing the router, before setting it up in a certain place, check whether the WiFi router, power adapter, Ethernet cable, WiFi-enabled computer, or mobile device is appropriate.


2. An ideal location must be considered when setting up the WiFi router. In particular, it should be set up in the mid-zone or central position of homes and offices. Also, care must be taken that walls, large furniture or electronic devices do not interfere with signal transfer.


3. After setting up the router, connect the network cable to one port.


4. Router configuration requires connecting to a computer or mobile device by connecting an Ethernet cable or WiFi to the Ethernet port.


5. Open a browser like Chrome, or Firefox from the computer or mobile and open the router interface through the router's default address or in the address bar.


6. However, the router default address varies by brand. So, read the manual guide before configuring any router.


7. After opening the default address in the browser, log in with the default username and password.


8. After accessing the router's web interface, configure the network settings and enter the user ID and password obtained from the Internet service provider.


9. Later, to identify the WiFi network easily, go to wireless settings and change the name of the WiFi network.


10. Passwords should use lowercase, and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols to keep WiFi networks secure.


11. The router must select WPA2-PSK(AES) as the appropriate protocol to provide security. This protocol is the standard and secure protocol for WiFi routers.


12. Also, you can customize router settings to optimize your WiFi router experience. You can turn on automatic channel selection on your WiFi router so that other router signals in the vicinity cannot interfere. Or you can change and select the channel according to your choice.


13. You can create a separate guest network if you don't want to share your network with guests.


14. Also, can change other settings including QOS, Parental Control, and Port Forwarding based on specific requirements.


15. Finally, you can set up your WiFi router properly by clicking the Save button.


16. Next, disconnect the Ethernet cable or WiFi connection from the computer or mobile to verify whether your WiFi router has been set up successfully. Then connect to the new WiFi network using the previous username and password.


17. After connecting to the new WiFi, you can open the browser from the mobile or computer and browse various websites to verify.


18. If the router ever needs a firmware update, you can check the new update from the brand's website and follow the instructions. Firmware updates will improve router performance and security.


By following the above steps you can successfully set up your WiFi router and enjoy dynamic internet.

This article has been posted on: November 22, 2023
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