Online or Offline UPS - Which one to Buy?

May 26, 2022

At present most of us are familiar with UPS. Because, load shedding is a very familiar issue in our Bangladesh. And the computer devices we use cannot be shut down properly due to load shedding. And because of this, there are various problems inside those computer devices. For example, if a computer device cannot be properly shut down. Then the devices of that computer face a lot of damage. And at this time UPS is basically needed.



What is UPS?

The full meaning of the word UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply. It is a kind of special electrical device. Where electricity can be stored for a short period of time. And later that stored electricity is used as backup power. When the power goes out, the backup power in the UPS can be used to keep the computer device running for some time. For this, UPS is mainly used in home courts starting from home.

What is the function of UPS?

Although most of us know about UPS, we may not have much idea about online UPS and offline UPS. A UPS can store a small amount of electricity. One of the main tasks of UPS is to keep the device running by supplying power to the device as soon as the power is disconnected.


Price of the UPS:


Offline UPS is much cheaper and mostly used for general backup. Online UPS is little costlier for its high-quality service. UPS price can be checked from website. 

Types of UPS

There are two main types of UPS available in the market today.

1. Online UPS

2. Offline UPS

What is online UPS?

Online UPS are UPSs that use the double conversion method and those UPSs that convert DC Voltage to AC Voltage. And with the help of re-inverting, AC voltage is converted to DC voltage. All those UPS are called online UPS.

The Effectiveness of online UPS:


Online UPSs do not have any kind of output between the main power connection. Double conversion and inverting can be done with a UPS. That is why this Online UPS is called Double Conversion UPS. Online UPS basically has the power to supply power from 5 minutes to 2 hours.

What is Offline UPS?

UPSs that are not connected to the battery operation load. That is, after being offline, the main power goes through this type of UPS is called offline UPS.

The effectiveness of Offline UPS

The core power of offline UPSs is directly connected to the output of the load in a static transformer switch. Which is normally turned on. And when the core energy is available in this method. Then the backup battery is charged by DC through a Charger Unit.




The difference between online UPS and offline UPS

In addition to the above, it is important to know more about the differences between online and offline UPS. Below let us know the difference between online UPS and offline UPS.


1. Online UPS price is a bit more. On the other hand, the price of offline UPS is relatively low.

2. Online UPS Online UPS does not require any time when it goes from AC mode to DC mode. But looking at Offline UPS, it can be seen that it takes a few milliseconds for offline UPS to go from AC Mode to DC Mode.

3. Online UPS carries electricity through batteries. So the battery of online UPS is charged while the computer is running. Offline UPS, on the other hand, basically supplies power to a single PC through the flow of current. Due to which some time is required to invert.

4. There is a special type of firewall used in online UPS. For that reason, even if Voltage UP / Down, it does not have any effect in the PC. But offline UPS does not have any such firewall.




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