Importance and Proper Use of First Aid Box

March 16, 2021

The first aid box is a special box that holds all the materials used for first aid. This is a very important box in case of sudden need. If this box is at hand, the patient can be handled with first aid. This requires a basic idea of ​​the materials in the first aid box. What materials are needed for any work? It can be used in every school-college, office-court, mill-factory, home and all places. Here is a brief description of all the items in the first aid box:


Sterile gauze piece: If any part of the body is cut or injured, it stops bleeding and protects from germ infection. When any fluid is excreted from the wound site of the body, it absorbs it and protects it from external debris.


Bandages: Bandages are used to prevent excessive bleeding and sticking to the dressing area.


Leukoplasts: Leukoplasts are needed to treat bandaged wounds.


Antiseptic Cream: Antiseptic cream is needed to clean and disinfect wounds in the body. Antiseptic creams are: Savlon, Dettol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Povisev Cream etc.


Tweezers: Tweezers are used to remove thorns, insect stings or any other small object from the wound site.


Crepe bandage: Crepe bandage is used if the bone is broken or sprained due to a strong injury to any part of the body. Crepe bandages can greatly reduce body pain and reduce body swelling.


Safety Pins: Safety pins are used to remove splinters from cuts or wounds and to keep bandages in place. Safetypin is relatively strong, light and safe for the body.


Pain medication: Paracetamol, aceclofenac or ibuprofen can be used to reduce the pain immediately if there is severe pain.


Burn cream: If any part of the body is burnt, it is used to reduce the pain of the burn area and to dry the wound. Burn cream has to be used. Burn creams currently available include Bernal, Calendula, Artica Uranus Burn Cream or Silvergin Cream.


Antihistamines: Medications such as histamine, fexofenadine, etc. are used for common flu, cold, cough, itching and insect bites.


Food saline: In many cases, if there is a lack of water in the body, the food saline is immediately mixed with water to make up for the deficiency.


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