Tips on Qurbani Animal

The Eid of Sacrifice is coming. The only purpose is to go to the animal market or farm for sacrifice and buy an animal that looks good. But before going to the market, you must know some things to buy the right and healthy sacrificial cow. Through this blog, learn about the purchase of a Qurbani cow or any other Qurbani animal, before and after the animal sacrifice.



What to do at the market to buy Qurbani animals


1. When you go to buy an animal for sacrifice, take it with someone who is experienced in this matter, who has a good idea about the animal. As well as taking a person who is capable of energy will help to bring the cow.


2. Go to the market and keep the money carefully.


3. Go to the animal market with more time in hand, buy the animal by looking at it slowly.


4. Don't buy animals from outside the market to reduce TAX, as there is a risk of buying stolen animals.


5. Know the age of the animal well, because if the minimum age of the cow is two years and the goat is not six months, the sacrifice will not be realized.


6. Buy healthy looking beautiful animals. Find out if there is any disease.


7. Take a good look at skin cuts, ear cuts, broken horns, tail cuts, hoof cuts, or tongue sores.


8. If you take food in front of the mouth of the animal and pull it with the tongue and the top of the nose is wet, then it should be understood that the animal is healthy. Because sick animals do not want to eat food.


9. When bringing the animal from the market, check that the rope tied around the animal's neck is strong enough so that there is no trouble on the road.


10. Pay the rent in the correct manner and keep the rent receipt with you.


11. Along with buying animals, buy animal food from the market.


12. Before taking the animal home, the animal should be bathed well from outside.


Things to do before animal Qurbani


1. Sharp the tools needed for the sacrifice, such as knives, forks, knives, etc.


2. Take the animal a good bath before slaughtering.


3. Drink the animal plenty of water before slaughtering so it will take less time to remove the skin.


4. Larger animals will need more than one person. Danger can come if you sacrifice animals with 2-3 people. For this, it is necessary to prepare the animal sacrifice with the required manpower.


5. Animals should not be slaughtered without experienced people.


6. Select the specific place for slaughtering the animal. If possible, it is better to sacrifice animals in the field of Eid.


What to do after animal Qurbani


1. After slaughtering, make sure that the skin does not crack or tear.


2. After slaughtering the animal, put blood, excrement, bones, waste etc. under the ground.


3. Rinse the area where blood and waste are spread well with water and sprinkle bleaching powder on it. As a result, there is no possibility of spreading bad smell later.

This article has been posted on: July 02, 2022
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