What can be done with Bdstall PC Builder Tool?

Bdstall PC Builder Tool

Popular online marketplace in Bangladesh has come up with PC builder tool Version 2.0 to facilitate custom PC building easily without any tech experience. PC Builder Tool is one such tool, which simplifies the process of creating a custom PC and provides a basic understanding of PC Builder Tools. 


Bdstall PC Builder Tool at a glance


  • User can configure the required PC.
  • No prior experience in PC building is required.
  • The price of PC is known according to the budget.
  • Multiple PC configurations can be created.
  • PC configuration can be saved.
  • Offers can be received from multiple vendors in one configuration, a first in Bangladesh.


Bdstall PC Builder Tool:


How to use Bdstall PC Builder Tool?


1. After entering the interface of Bdstall PC Builder Tool, each hardware, and required device has its own section. Later, hardware can be selected according to preference and budget by pressing on hardware selection option.


2. When selecting hardware, items with a star symbol must be selected. Because these are the basic hardware for making PC without them it will not be possible to build PC.


3. After creating the configuration according to the choice, it can be saved by going to the Save Build option and also create a new configuration.


4. You can take out your quotation by clicking Save Build from the PC Build page at any time as per your requirement. And you can edit and save as needed.


5. After saving the configuration, next click on View Sellar List option from PC Information option.


6. By pressing the view seller list option, you can select the seller of your nearest location and build a custom PC according to your preference and budget. This facility is only available at


7. You can also print the saved PC configuration quotation at any time.


Benefit of using the Bdstall PC Builder tool


PC Configuration:

Bdstall PC Builder tool is suitable for creating personal computer configurations according to requirements. If you are a gamer, content creator, or graphics designer, building a high-performance PC will help you choose the right computer hardware. Because you can configure a Desktop PC with almost all hardware including processor, graphics card, RAM, and hard disk without any hassle.


Budget Adjustment:

One of the most notable benefits of using the Bdstall PC Builder tool is that it allows you to choose computer hardware according to your preferences and budget. Because the price of the hardware components helps ensure budget compatibility.


Hardware information:

Bdstall PC Builder Tool provides all the information about every hardware to build a PC. As a result, it verifies the specifications, customer reviews, and ratings of PC manufacturing hardware, helping to choose the best-performing and reliable hardware.


PC Builder Tools Review:

There is a facility to create customized PC quotations with selected hardware and save as well as print them. Also, Bdstall has the advantage of contacting multiple sellers to procure customized PCs at affordable prices as per preferred configuration PC budget. Also, you can easily collect PCs of your preferred configuration from specific sellers through Bdstall.


Interface of PC Builder Tools:

Bdstall PC Builder tool has a user-friendly interface, which makes the PC customization process user-friendly for everyone from the average user. The interface helps you to complete the hardware selection process for PC configuration step by step.


Customer Support:

If you face any problem while using Bdstall PC Build Tool, you can take the help of Bdstall Customer Support. For support, you can easily get the solution by sending a message to's email or Facebook page or by contacting the customer support number.


Also, build custom PC using PC Builder as well as collect pre-built desktop PC in used and new condition at Bdstall. Desktop PC of any configuration with Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 are commonly available starting from a minimum budget of Tk 10,000.

This article has been posted on: November 20, 2023
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Nashfiq Orko (Nafi)
Nashfiq Orko (Nafi) | 28 November 2023 12.57 PM
The information you provided is quite informative. I didn't know about this before, and it really helped me understand things better. Thank you!
Sk farid
Sk farid | 21 November 2023 05.05 PM
Very Good