Some precautions in using mobile phone

Mobile phone is one of the means of our mutual communication. Currently, popular brands of mini phone, button phone and smartphone are available in the market of our country at low price as per the budget and demand. Through this type of mobile internet connection we can easily know about all the issues around the world. Moreover, we can constantly do various things from playing games, watching audio and video, taking pictures, making videos, browsing the internet, using Android smartphones. Also, mobile has become such an essential device that we carry with us directly and indirectly all the time. However, it is very important to be careful with regular mobile usage, which will keep you safe and secure. So, let's know about some precautions in using mobile phone


Some precautions in using Mobile Phone

1. When buying a mobile phone, check the brand and quality, then you will be safe from the harmful effects of radiation. Also, consider that the SAR of your preferred mobile should not exceed 1.6.


2. Your mobile screen must be of good quality so that excessive use does not damage your eyes.


3. We tend to look very close to the mobile phone display while watching videos or scrolling through social media. As a result, it has a harmful effect on our eyes. According to experts, a minimum distance of 16 inches should be maintained while using mobile phones. Also, avoid staring at the display every 20 minutes.


4. Mobile phones should be switched off as much as possible while charging. As a result, the phone's battery will last longer as well as provide better backup.


5. Avoid talking on the mobile network when the battery of the mobile phone is low. Also, it is better not to talk on the phone or do any other work without much necessity with the mobile charge.


6. Do not charge your mobile near your head while sleeping. Then, you can be safe from any kind of unexpected accident.


7. As a result of prolonged use, the mobile battery becomes swollen after a while. In this case, the mobile battery needs to be replaced quickly, otherwise it may explode anytime and cause any accident.


8. Mobile gets hot due to prolonged use. So, the mobile must be allowed to cool down before charging.


9. In case of mobile talking, you should talk on headphone or speaker instead of talking directly to your ear. As a result, your hearing will remain normal.


10. If your mobile screen has protection glass like Gorilla Glass 3/4, then it is better not to use cheap protection glass. However, if there is no protection glass, you will not be able to enjoy the quality screen.


11. Do not give your smartphone to children for a long time as it will harm their health. Especially in Bangladesh, this is a big problem for parents.


12. If you buy a used smartphone in Bangladesh, make sure to buy it with the original box or collect the receipt with the IMEI number.


13. Also, mobile use should be avoided at night. Because many of us spend busy time on social media while sleeping at night. Due to which we do not get enough sleep regularly. As a result, after a period of time various physical problems and health risks appear in the body.


By following the above precautions, you and your children and other family members will be safe.

This article has been posted on: June 04, 2024
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