Metal Detector

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৳ 75,000
14 hours ago
Uniqscan UB500 Archway Walk Through Security Metal Detector

Uniqscan UB500 six zone archway walk through metal detector has six mutual over-lapping detecting zones, simultaneous...

৳ 1,800
2 days ago
Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Hand Held Metal Detector

Super Scanner MD-3003B1 hand held metal detector has buzeer / LED and vibration alarm modes, dimension 410 x 85 x 45...

৳ 65,000
1 day ago
ZKTeco D1065S Fireproof 6 Zones Archway Metal Detector Gate

ZKTeco D1065S archway metal detector gate has 6 mutual over-lapping detecting zones, high density fireproof material,...

৳ 114,500
2 days ago
Secuscan AT-IIID 6-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

Secuscan AT-IIID is a budget metal detector gate but has a very robust scanning method for professional organization in...

৳ 2,500
19 days ago
Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Hand-Held Metal Detector

Super Scanner MD-3003B1 Hand-held security metal detector has high sensitive sensor, metal detector virbrator button,...

৳ 3,000
8 hours ago
Handheld Smart Sensor Metal Detector

Handheld smart sensor metal detector has sound / vibration detection tip, 50mm detection range, 13 KHz detection...

৳ 388,000
2 days ago
Secuplus SPW-300S 33 / 45 Zones Archway Metal Detector

Secuplus SPW-300S archway metal detector public gate has 33 / 45 zones high sensitivity walk through metal detector for...

৳ 63,000
21 days ago
Archway MCD 300 Full Body Scanner Metal Detector Gate

Archway MCD 300 full body scanner metal detector gate has more than 60 persons / per minute capacity, metal detector...

৳ 556,000
21 days ago
Garrett PD 6500i Touch Control Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector has over 20 application programs included, up to 200 metal detector...

৳ 46,000
2 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D1065S 6-Zone Archway Metal Detector Gate

ZKTeco ZK-D1065S archway metal detector gate 6 mutual over lapping detecting zones, simultaneous alarm from multi...