Edifier Speaker Price in Bangladesh

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Edifier Speaker Buying in Bangladesh

Edifier Company has gained huge popularity in Bangladesh by providing high-quality speakers. Edifier speaker is in great demand in Bangladesh due to its superior sound quality and attractive design at affordable price. Moreover, different types of Edifier sound box is available to suit the need of speaker users in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Edifier Speaker in Bangladesh?

Edifier speaker's price is more or less based on its sound quality, design, build quality, etc. Edifier speaker price in Bangladesh is a minimum of BDT 3,000 which is suitable for use with computers. Moreover, one has to spend at least 10,000 to 12,000 BDT to buy an advanced technology edifier sound box. However, the cost of Edifier home theater in Bangladesh is more than BDT 20,000.

Why choose Edifier Speaker?

1. Edifier speaker is increasingly in demand as these deliver excellent sound quality equally to all corners of the room.

2. The Edifier Speaker comes with an attractive design that matches the interior design of any room.

3. Edifier speaker is suitable for any kind of event as it is able to deliver noise-free sound at high volume.

4. The sound coverage area of the edifier speaker is relatively high. Moreover, Edifier speaker is capable of delivering powerful sound and deep bass.

5. High-quality edifier home theater is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price in various sizes as per requirement.

What kind of audio input does the Edifier Speaker support?

One of the unique features of the Edifier Speaker is that it supports multiple types of audio input. The Edifier Sound Box supports audio input via Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi connection, standard RCV connection, optical cable connection, and coaxial cable connection. As a result, the Edifier sound system can be easily connected to smartphones, smart TVs, computers, projectors, etc. to enjoy audio.

How durable is the Edifier Speaker?

Edifier Sound Box is made of high-quality materials resulting in years of effortless use. Additionally, Edifier Speaker has a limited servicing and parts warranty depending on the model. As a result, if any problem occurs in the Edifier speaker within a certain period of time, the company replaces the parts or services free of charge as per the warranty.