F&D Speaker Price in Bangladesh

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F&D Speaker Buying in Bangladesh

Recently, the use of F&D speakers to get clear sound output on small and large scales has increased at a great rate in Bangladesh. And, F&D Company provides multimedia speakers of different sizes and designs to the Bangladeshi market based on the needs of Bangladeshi users. Moreover, this speaker has earned a special reputation as F&D speakers are available at BD to suit all types of budgets.

How much is the price of F&D speakers in Bangladesh?

F&D speaker price in Bangladesh starts from TK 2,100 which is usually a portable speaker and has a built-in battery that can provide sound output with up to 2 hours of battery backup. Moreover, the high-quality F&D computer-friendly speakers start from TK 3,500 and have 2 separate subwoofers with the speaker. However, F&D home theater speakers tend to be relatively expensive.

Why use F&D speaker?

F&D speakers provide excellent sound quality. Various types of F&D speakers are currently available in Bangladesh for indoor and outdoor use. Also discussed in detail about the special features of F&D speakers:

1. Sound Quality: F&D speakers are capable of delivering clear sound output at full volume. And, the noise ratio of this speaker is 70 decibels which does not affect human hearing. However, the frequency varies depending on the size of the F&D speakers and subwoofers.

2. Remote Control: F&D speakers come with a remote control system that allows various functions to be changed from a specific remote location. And, with the help of the remote control, the sound of the F&D speakers can be reduced and increased as needed.

3. Audio Input: F&D speakers support audio input via a 3.5mm jack. Moreover, these speakers include Bluetooth feature which supports wireless audio input.

4. Subwoofer: Most F&D speakers come with multiple subwoofers to help to hear low-frequency sounds properly. Hence, F&D speakers with a specific number of subwoofers should be selected as per requirement.

5. Portable: Various sizes of portable F&D speakers are available in Bangladesh. Therefore, the right size speaker should be selected based on the need and usage. So, the F&D speaker can be easily carried anywhere.

6. Design: F&D speakers are made with an attractive design. As a result, F&D speakers with RGB lighting are available to suit any computer setup. Also, F&D home theater speakers come in a variety of designs to suit any room's interior design.