Microlab Speaker

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৳ 27,999
12 hours ago
Microlab H600 Piano Coating 5.1 Tower Speaker

Powerful and high fidelity 5.1 highend speaker system with excellent acoustic handlings, microlab finest technology and...

৳ 18,499
16 hours ago
Microlab Solo 9C Wooden Cabinet Multimedia Stereo Speaker

Microlab solo 9C multimedia stereo speaker has 50-20000Hz frequency, 80 dB separation, high quality design, HDMI /...

৳ 4,500
1 month ago
Microlab 4.1 Premium Multimedia PC Speaker TMN 1 Deep Bass

Microlab 4.1 multimedia PC speaker TMN 1 has deep bass and dynamic full range performances, wooden cabinets, satellites...

৳ 1,650
1 month ago
Microlab M-108 Multimedia 2:1 Speaker 10 Watt RMS Power

Microlab M-108 multimedia 2:1 speaker has 2 satellite speaker, 1 subwoofer, 10 watt RMS power output and 3.5mm stereo...

৳ 2,150
1 month ago
Microlab M-223 17-Watt 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System

Microlab M-223 speaker system has 17 watt 2.1 subwoofer, 155 x 225 x 270mm subwoofer dimension, 88 x 150 x 95mm...

৳ 2,000
2 months ago
Microlab M-111 Multimedia 2.1 Computer Speaker System

Microlab M-111 features finely tuned satellites and subwoofer for accurate sound production. M-111 features: Uniquely...

৳ 2,400
4 months ago
Microlab M-300U USB SD Music Streaming 38W RMS 2.1 Speaker

Multimedia M-300U multimedia speaker system has 38 watt RMS power output, music streaming with USB / SD card, built-in...

৳ 1,900
5 months ago
Microlab X-Lab M-108BT 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

Elevate your sound experience with deep bass, knockout sound quality, built-in USB / SD card support, FM streaming and...

৳ 6,800
4 months ago
Microlab T-10 LED Breathing Light Gaming Bluetooth Speaker

Microlab T-10 gaming bluetooth 2.1 speaker has 56 watt power and three frequency drivers bring terrific games...

৳ 6,100
4 months ago
Microlab FC-530U Speaker

Microlab FC 530U speaker

৳ 4,200
4 months ago
Microlab Micmusic 2:1 Bluetooth Home Speaker System

Microlab Micmusic 2:1 home speaker system has wireless streaming technology, 10 watt output power, ABS quality, unique...

৳ 13,300
4 months ago
Microlab TM-100 TV Soundbar Wireless Speaker

Microlab TM-100 TV soundbar speaker has magical TV sound system with extraordinary performance, auto interconnection...

৳ 4,200
4 months ago
Microlab M-660BT Deep Bass Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker

Microlab M-660BT deep bass multimedia bluetooth speaker has 5.25 inch 8 Ohm sub-woofer, 40Hz to 20kHz frequency...

৳ 4,999
4 months ago
Microlab Lighthouse Waterproof Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

Microlab Lighthouse bluetooth speaker has fashionable and ergonomic design inspired by costal lighthouses, power bank...

৳ 1,950
4 months ago
Microlab Magicup Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Microlab Magicup portable bluetooth speaker has 2.5 watt output power, 400mAh / 3.7V battery, waterproof rate IP66,...

৳ 5,500
4 months ago
Microlab Samba Stylish Bluetooth Home Speaker System

Microlab Samba 2:1 multimedia home speaker system has bluetooth connectivity, 36 watt output power, sleek sattelite...

৳ 2,000
4 months ago
Microlab D-22BT 2.0 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Microlab D-22BT portable speaker has wireless bluetooth connectivity, high quality sound and silicone shell,...

৳ 18,000
4 months ago
Microlab Solo 9C High Fidelity Floor Stereo Speaker

Microlab Solo 9C is a range of high fidelity floor stereo speaker with classic wooden finish cabinets loudspeaker...

৳ 5,200
4 months ago
Microlab B77BT 64 Watt Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

Microlab B77BT bookshelf speaker has bluetooth wireless technology, 64Watt output power, classic bookshelf design for...

৳ 21,500
4 months ago
Microlab SOLO19 HiFi Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker

Microlab SOLO19 HiFi has 2 wi-fi speaker box 120W x 2 output power, 50Hz – 20 kHz frequency response, >75db signal...