Sony Home Theater Price in Bangladesh

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Sony Home Theater is able to provide crystal clear sound, hence it has become very popular among speaker users in Bangladesh. Sony Corporation supplies various sizes and designs of Sony sound system in Bangladesh based on the needs of speaker users through specific distributors. Moreover, various models of Sony speaker can be procured from at an affordable price.

How much is the price of Sony Home Theater in Bangladesh?

The price of Sony speakers is usually determined on the basis of its type, size, design, sound quality, sound mode, sound effects, etc. To buy a Sony Home Theater in Bangladesh, one needs to spend at least 12,000 to 15,000 BDT. Moreover, buying an advanced technology Sony Home Theater costs more than 35,000 BDT. On the other hand, the price of Sony Sound Box in Bangladesh starts from 30,000 BDT which is portable and waterproof.

Why Choose Sony Home Theater?

1. Sony Home Theater has a special reputation in Bangladesh as it can deliver crystal clear sound evenly around the room.

2. The Sony Sound System appears with an attractive design that is compatible with all kinds of interior design.

3. Sony sound box provides different sound effects according to the type of audio while enjoying different audio which makes the sound more melodious.

4. High-quality Sony Speaker is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price in various sizes as per the requirement of the speaker user.

5. Sony Sound System can be controlled by remote from a specific remote location. As a result, the user can easily reduce or increase the sound of the Sony home theater and change the sound mode while sitting on the sofa or lying in bed.

Does Sony Sound Bar available in Bangladesh?

Various sizes of Sony Sound Bar is available in Bangladesh that includes multiple audio input system. As a result, Sony Sound Bar is commonly used with large screen TV. Moreover, the Sony Sound Bar is perfect for working as a sound system with a projector. On the other hand, Sony Sound Bar is also used as a computer box in Bangladesh. Currently, one has to spend at least 10,000 BDT to buy a Sony Sound Bar in Bangladesh.

How many audio input systems does a Sony Home Theater have?

Most Sony home theater supports audio input via Bluetooth connectivity as well as HDMI and USB connectivity. As a result, audio can be enjoyed on a Sony home theater using a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or smart TV. Again, the Sony home theater can be connected to a computer monitor or projector via an HDMI connection.

What is the benefit of multiple sound modes on Sony Speaker?

Sony Speaker includes multiple sound modes so users can change the mode according to their preference and audio type to enjoy vivid sound. Multiple sound modes reduce audio noise and allow the listener to hear the ideal sound.

How durable is Sony Home Theater?

Sony home theaters are made with superior quality materials so they can be used comfortably for a long time. Additionally, Sony home theaters come with a limited parts and servicing warranty depending on the model. As a result, if any problem occurs with the Sony speakers within a certain period, the company will replace the parts or service these free of charge as per the warranty.