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Edifier Speaker

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৳ 39,900
7 hours ago
Edifier S730D 2.1 Multifunctional Multimedia Audio Speaker

Edifier S730D multimedia audio speaker has multifunctional wired controller with a 2 1/2 inch LCD display screen, 300...

৳ 6,700
7 hours ago
Edifier MP202DUO Splash Proof Portable Wireless Speaker

Edifier MP202DUO portable speaker has micro SD card slot and USB charging, splash proof speaker, bluetooth V4.1...

৳ 1,900
4 days ago
Edifier R101V Deep Beats Sound Multimedia Speaker System

Edifier R101V multimedia speaker system has 4 ohm speaker impedance, 3.5mm audio input interface, deep beats, ABS and...

৳ 2,400
7 hours ago
Edifier M1360 2:1 Speaker with Upward Angled Satellites

Edifier M1360 2:1 multimedia speaker system is a practical audio solution for all multimedia applications. With upward...

৳ 60,500
7 hours ago
Edifier S760D 5.1 with Subwoofer Dolby Digital Home Speaker

Edifier S760D digital home speaker has 5.1 channel with dolby digital, enormous subwoofer, dolby pro logic II and DTS,...

৳ 25,000
7 hours ago
Edifier CineSound B7 Home Entertainment Wireless TV Soundbar

Edifier cinesound B7 wireless TV soundbar has 16 watt x 2 treble + 19 watt x 2 mid-range and bass 75 watt RMS total...

৳ 13,500
7 hours ago
Edifier R1600T III Multimedia Bookshelf Audio Speaker

Edifier R1600T III multimedia bookshelf speaker has 13W x 2 + 17W x 2 total RMS power output, digital signal...

৳ 850
4 days ago
Edifier M1250 Portable Bookshelf Multimedia Audio Speaker

Edifier M1250 portable audio speaker has flat panel design, 150Hz - 20kHz frequency response, 85 dBA single noise...