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Microlab Speaker

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৳ 4,500
9 days ago
Microlab M-600 Multimedia Speaker 2.1CH Aluminium Driver

Microlab M-600 multimedia speaker has 2.1 channel configuration, aluminium speaker drivers, full sound range and smooth...

৳ 1,600
9 days ago
Microlab M-105 Woofer 4-Inch Driver 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

Microlab M-105 2.1 multimedia speaker system has 2.5 watt x 2 + 5W output power, harmonic distortion < 0.5%, frequency...

৳ 18,000
9 days ago
Microlab Solo 9C High Fidelity Floor Stereo Speaker

Microlab Solo 9C is a range of high fidelity floor stereo speaker with classic wooden finish cabinets loudspeaker...

৳ 4,400
9 days ago
Microlab TMN-9BT Wireless Bluetooth Multimedia Audio Speaker

Microlab TMN-9BT wireless multimedia audio speaker box has 2.1 stereo system, bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, USB port / SD...

৳ 10,900
9 days ago
Microlab FC-861 Speaker

Microlab premier range, the FC series is based on the FINE CONE designed by Acoustic expert, Peter Larsen. This home...

৳ 3,500
9 days ago
Microlab B70 Multimedia Stereo Sound Bookshelf Speakers

Microlab B70 2.0 multimedia bookshelf stereo sound speakers system. Microlab B70 is the quality stereo speakers for...

৳ 13,300
9 days ago
Microlab TM-100 TV Soundbar Wireless Speaker

Microlab TM-100 TV soundbar speaker has magical TV sound system with extraordinary performance, auto interconnection...

৳ 4,200
9 days ago
Microlab Micmusic 2:1 Bluetooth Home Speaker System

Microlab Micmusic 2:1 home speaker system has wireless streaming technology, 10 watt output power, ABS quality, unique...

৳ 2,799
1 month ago
Microlab M 900 40w 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Microlab m-900 multimedia audio has 2:1 sound system with Mp3, Mp4, CD/DVD movies, frequency response 50-20 000 Hz,...

৳ 10,799
1 month ago
Microlab FC-861 5:1 Home Theater 100Watt RMS Speaker System

Microlab FC-861 computer speaker has 5.1 home theater system 100 Watt RMS, full range acoustic production and surround...