215 projectors
৳ 9,999
19 days ago
Zymak ZP1200G LED Portable 3D Projector 1200 Lumens WiFi

Zymak ZP1200G professional mini LED projector has 1200 lumens brightness, full HD resolution, long lasting projector...

৳ 16,500
19 days ago
Professional Compact LED Projector 2000 Lumens RD-803

Professional compact projector RD-803 has LED projection, 2000 lumens brightness, 1.4Kg projector weight, resolution...

৳ 13,499
19 days ago
Vivibright GP70UP 1200 Lumen Android WiFi 3D TV Projector

Vivibright GP70UP projector has built in Android 4.4 operating system, WiFi, bluetooth, HDMI / VGA port, OTG support,...

৳ 10,999
19 days ago
ViviBright GP70 Mini LED 1200 Lumens 3D TV Projector

ViviBright SimpleBeamer GP70 mini LED projector has real 1200 lumens brightness, built in TV port, 800 x 480 native...

৳ 25,999
19 days ago
LED 96+ Wi-Fi 2800 Lumens Android OS 3D LED Projector

LED 96+ 3D projector has built in android operating system, wi-fi, LAN, 2800 lumens projector brightness, 20 thousand...

৳ 3,999
19 days ago
Rigal RD802 Portable Video Projector with Built-In TV Port

Pro-200 mini LED projector has 60 lumens brightness, LED Lamp, 320 x 240 projector native resolution, 150 inch screen...

৳ 17,999
19 days ago
Vivicine M6 Android OS Wi-Fi Portable Pocket Projector

Vivicine M6 portable pocket projector has 854 x 480 native resolution, android operating system, google playstore,...

৳ 29,500
24 days ago
Epson EB-S05 3200 Lumen 3LCD SVGA Video Multimedia Projector

Epson EB-S05 SVGA multimedia video projector has 3200 lumens brightness, 800 x 600 video resolution, 30 - 350 inch...

৳ 46,000
24 days ago
Ricoh PJ WX2240 3100 Lumens WXGA DLP Multimedia Projector

Ricoh PJ WX2240 WXGA DLP multimedia projector has 3100 lumens brightness, 1280 x 800 WXGA video resolution, 30 - 300...

৳ 27,000
2 days ago
Hitachi CP-RX250 XGA 1024 x 768 3LCD Multimedia Projector

Hitachi CP-RX250 projector has 2700 ANSI lumens brightness, XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, contrast ratio 2000:1, 215 watt...

Buy projector at competitive price in BD from 215 projectors so choose the best projector within your budget.

DLP projector technology contains mirrors for projecting images. It has high accuracy without any shadow as well as can produce smooth pictures. See the price of DLP projectors in Bangladesh.

LCD projector technology sends light through red, blue, green LCD panels and the pixels can allow or reject lights. This combination of allowed and rejected pixels creates different colors projected as the running image. This LCD projector technology has more brightness than DLP’s brightness. Check price of LCD projectors in Bangladesh.

Resolution of a projector indicates how clear and sharp the picture will be. Three ranges of resolution are common in the BD market. The 1280 x 720 and 1280 x 768 are suitable for watching good DVD, blu-ray video or projecting a computer screen. But if you need more clear and sharp image then 1920 x 1080 resolution projectors are perfect for you.

ANSI Lumen is a way to understand the brightness capability of a projector. Projectors with low lumen is perfect for a dark room and projectors containing high lumen are suitable for bright room.

Aspect ratio means the size of the image. Popular aspect ratios of video projector are 4:3 / XGA & SXGA, 16:10 / WXGA & WUXGA, and 16:9 / standard HDTV 1080p.

Portable projectors are compact and very handy for carrying. Most of the portable projectors in Bangladesh are less than 10 lbs. Mini projectors are used for projecting small screens.

3D projectors allow you to get a feel like you are in a 3D theater. Movies and games can be displayed in 3D mode with these 3D projectors.

Short throw projectors are used for producing huge image in small spaces. A short throw projector comes with incredibly short throw ratios.