Tips for Buying TV at Low Price

TV is an effective entertainment medium in almost every home in our country which is usually set up in the living room or bedroom, so the whole family or friends or sitting alone can watch live broadcasts of local and foreign news, entertainment programs, sports, etc. Currently, apart from normal TV, LED TV and Smart TV with new technology and advanced features is available in Bangladesh market. However, it is not possible for all of us to buy an expensive TV depending on the preference and budget. Moreover, buying TV at low price does not necessarily mean that the quality is bad. 


At a glance, when buying the low budget TV, just consider the following things which is enough for basic entertainment, CC camera monitoring and fun gaming and computing.

  • Screen Size : 32-inch
  • Resolution : Full HD
  • Panel : LED Technology
  • Smart : Wi-Fi Connection

So let's know some tips that will help you to buy your favorite TV at low price:


1. Before buying TV, first determine your budget, which will help you focus on TV that is within your budget.


2. Also, by checking the TV price in Bangladesh of different sellers from the popular online market in, you can get the TV of your choice within your budget.


3. Currently, TV with LCD, LED, OLED, and QLED display technologies is commonly available in our country. However, TV with OLED and QLED technology usually deliver high-quality images and videos and is relatively expensive. So, it is better to choose TV with LCD, LED display technology while buying TV at low price which provides enhanced visuals within your budget without extra cost.


4. TV price usually vary depending on the screen size. So it is better to consider 32-inch screen size TV for its affordable price. Moreover, quality small-screen size TV offer better visuals while being affordable.


5. Resolution, refresh rate, and smart features must be considered when buying any TV. Choosing minimum 60Hz refresh rate TV considering the required features will fulfill the needs and get a quality TV.


6. Also, can consider refurbished TV. Any damaged parts of this type of TV are usually reassembled. These types of TV is available at low price as well as guarantees.


7. Different brands of TV offer low price and special deals in Bangladesh during certain special days of the year, EID, and global tournaments. So you can buy the best TV within the budget considering these times of the year to get your favorite TV.


8. Moreover, almost all TV now has Wi-Fi connectivity. So when buying any TV, one must check whether it has WiFi connectivity.


9. HD, Full HD, 4K TV available in Bangladesh market. TV prices also vary depending on the resolution, so if you want to buy a TV at a low price, Full HD is enough.


10. One should check carefully whether the TV of choice has an HDMI port, USB port, and other input-output ports. Which can later be easily connected to gaming consoles, sound systems, or other devices.


11. Adequate RAM, ROM, etc must be checked while buying TV. As a result, there will be no lag in watching TV for a long time and the video can be saved if necessary.


12. When buying TV check the built-in sound system and sound quality. However, good budget TV generally provides good sound quality. 

13. When buying TV one must consider the warranty and the facility of getting after-sales service in case of any problems.


14. Nowadays, low price TV is equipped with many smart features. So apart from the WiFi connectivity facility on the TV, online streaming and the operating system of the TV should be checked if it is user-friendly.


Some extra tips to consider:

  • 8K TV in Bangladesh is available but as of 2023, the price is too much high so avoid for low budget.
  • CC camera monitoring does not require costly TV so purchase a low cost TV with HD resolution. This will save your budget.
  • While purchasing low cost TV, choose a familiar brand because the quality is expected from that brand or if this is different brand then read review from Bdstall.
This article has been posted on: October 24, 2023
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