10 Low Price Smart TV in Bangladesh

May 19, 2022

Smart TV is one of the favorite things of almost everyone nowadays. Just as the monotony of our daily lives goes away without entertainment, if the skin of the TV is not HD, it is not good to enjoy any program besides eye problems. But it is not possible for many people to buy a smart TV within their means. That's why Smart TV will be removed from your list of favorites. Not at all, and that's why today we've talked about the best smart TV in a few low budget ranges. Below we list the top ten TVs in the budget range of 8,500 taka to 55,000 taka.



1. View One 24 Inch Full HD LED TV

View One TV currently has a good reputation among China brand TVs. Among such TV brands, View One is offering the cheapest Smart LED TV. The first TV on our list of the best TVs at low prices is the View One 24 "Full HD USB Television. The current price of this TV is between 8,500 taka. There's also a picture quality with a resolution of 1080 pixels, 6 minutes of response time, and an interface like VGA / HDML / USB / AV TV.






2. Olive 32-inch Bordless Voice Control LED TV

With a budget of 8,000 taka to 10,000 taka, China TV is the best for them. The China Olive 32-inch Bordless Voice Over Control LED TV can be included in the list of favorites on a low budget. The Olive TV has a 32-inch 1080 pixel resolution display, USB port, HDML connectivity, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM and voice over control features. This TV has a headphone jack so you can enjoy any kind of program with headphones. It also displays any image taken in any file format in clean resolution.






3. Samsung N4010 32-inch smart TV
The N4010 is one of the cheapest LED TVs from the Samsung brand. If you have a budget of 13,000 taka to 14,000 taka, then you can buy a Samsung TV at low price  N4010 model TV. Because Samsung means with full picture quality, full HD support resolution is 1366 × 768p. It also has 3D technology, 5m response time, analog and digital TV tuner, 10 watt speaker output, AC 200-240 volt high speed power. And this 32 "inch LED TV can be easily fitted anywhere without any hassle.






4. JVCO DE2LSM 32 Android Smart TV

JVCO DE2LSM 32 "is a smart voice control television. This TV comes with Android operating system 10. It can be used for any type of social networking apps, including all types of players including Facebook, Messenger and YouTube. Another feature that JVCO TV can offer is screen sharing which allows users to watch or play any game they share on the screen from any smartphone. The main features of the TV are 2GB RAM and 16GB, storage dish cable connection and WiFi support.






5. Samsung T4500 32 inch LED TV
Samsung brand T4500 model in addition to the previous TV feature, here you will find auto channel search, IPv6 support, gaming mood, echo sensor 220-240V AC power supply. Also as a connectivity option the T4500 TV has features like 10W + 10W sound output, Double Digital, Double Digital Plus, and Double Plus. The biggest attraction of the model is its processor. On the Samsung T4500 you get a quad core processor. For which this TV will be much more effective than other TVs. The current price of the samsung T4500 TV is 25,400 taka.





6. Sony Bravia W600D 32-inch Wi-Fi HD TV

Sony is a popular brand name in the world of TV. Sony TV has a lot of high quality technology, so its price is a little higher. You can buy Sony's W600D model on a low budget with a current price of taka 26,500. The main attractions of TV are screen mirroring effect, X Reality Pro effect and web browsing. Sony Bravia W600D connectivity features include Wi-Fi, USB and HDMI. The sound quality of this TV is better than any other brand because here you get 5 watt + 5 watt audio power output, which will be comfortable for the ears.





7. Xiaomi 4A 40 inch smart TV

Xiaomi is a very popular name in the modern electronics world. Xiaomi has launched state-of-the-art smart TVs along with other electronics. If you are looking for a Xiaomi smart TV like an Android phone, you can buy this 4A model TV in a budget of 20k to 30k taka. Xiaomi has an Android version of this TV, so you can enjoy special features like Google Play Store, web browser, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix and all kinds of online and apps. You also get voice over remote control, 178-degree viewing, 1GB DDR RAM, 8GB storage. This Android TV from Xiaomi has 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 64-bit quad-core processor, ultra-bright LED display, cinematic quality sound, stereo / DTS audio decoder, PNG / GIF / JPG image, DTS-HD audio decoder and much more.





8. Xiaomi 4S 43 Inch 4K HDR LED TV

For those who do not like small display televisions, the mid-display Xiaomi 4S 43 Inch TV may be the best choice. The budget for this smart TV will be a bit higher than the previous TV. The current price of this TV is around taka 34,000. Xiaomi 4S TV has Android 9.0 version, 2 GB RAM, 8GB ROM, web browser, 100M LAN, 64-bit Quad-Core processor. Picture quality includes 3840 x 2160 high HD resolution, four types of control panel system, Bluetooth 4.2, keyboard, speakers, remote control, gamepad support, and DVB-T2 / C support system.





9. Samsung AU7700 43 "Crystal 4K Smart TV
With the help of Samsung AU7700 Android TV all the facilities of internet can be availed. It can be used to download and use all the apps in the Google Play Store. In addition, all the online based channels are supported in this TV. It also has Android features like Smart App, Triple Protection, Auto Hotspot Connect, Sound Mirroring, Analog Clean View, Contrast Enhancer, Auto Motion Plus and Film Mode, Echo Sensor. There is a multi voice assistant function which can be controlled with a single remote. The display resolution of the TV is 3840 x 2160 pixels where it supports 4K resolution video and allows the user to enjoy a clear realistic image like glass.





10. LG NanoCell TV 43 Inch Full HD Smart TV

Currently, the LG brand is far ahead in terms of TVs and monitors. The LG TV is a standard size TV with a 43-inch display. This size TV is being used a lot in offices, businesses and homes. The LG NanoCell TV's service has been relatively good for a long time. The alluring features of the Nanocell TV are the 178 degree angular viewing vertically / horizontally, you can use the OTT app as you wish, Bluetooth system, 2.0-channel speakers, HGIG gaming mode, AI acoustic tuning and much more. LG AI ThinQ technology can be easily controlled by connecting any device using integrated voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. The LG 43-inch NanoCell TV is priced at 55,000 taka.



Nowadays people do their necessary work with any brand of LED TV. So even if all the above brands are fairly good, it is important to look at the brand, picture resolution, sound quality, TV size when buying. However, it is important to pay a little more attention to the picture quality and resolution of the TV because it depends on how much clean and 3D picture quality you will get.



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