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China Television

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৳ 13,799
2 days ago
LED Television Full HD 32 Inch Flat Screen Rich Color

LED television has 32 inch flat display, full HD video resolution, rich TV color, 240 Hz refresh rate, digital and...

৳ 10,300
12 hours ago
Smart Android 32 Inch Mega Contrast Wi-Fi LED Television

Smart android television has 32 inch LED display, 1366 x 768p video resolution, 5ms response time, 100Hz refresh rate,...

৳ 15,500
25 days ago
View One 40" Mega Contrast HDMI / USB Full HD LED Television

View one LED television has 40 inch flat display, 1920 x 1080p video resolution, 6ms response time, TV screen...

৳ 6,200
25 days ago
View One 24 Inch Full HD HDMI / USB LED Television

View one 24 inch television has 1080p resolution, flat screen, 6ms response time, dynamic mega contrast ratio, digital...

৳ 8,500
25 days ago
View One Full HD 32 Inch Dolby Digital Plus LED Television

View one television has 32 inch flat LED display, full HD television resolution, 5ms response time, rich color, dolby...

৳ 10,200
25 days ago
View One 32" Android Full HD Smart Internet Television

View one 32 inch Internet television has 1080p resolution, flat screen, 5ms response time, 8 watt speaker inside TV,...

৳ 20,500
1 month ago
Triton P43DN6SS 43 Inch Flat Full HD LED Android Smart TV

Triton P43DN6SS smart television has 43-inch size flat type screen, full high definition display resolution, LED...

৳ 12,500
2 months ago
LED Smart Television 32" HD Video with Youtube and Facebook

Slim smart LED TV has 32 inch flat screen, built-in speaker, HD TV resolution, 5 ms response time, 20000:1 contrast...

৳ 22,500
2 months ago
Slim Smart LED Television Full HD 40" Rich Color HD Sound

Android LED television has 40 inch flat screen, 1080p TV resolution, 0.5ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, 20000:1...

৳ 59,000
3 months ago
Gold Star 4K Ultra HD 55 Inch WiFi Android Internet LED TV

Gold Star 4K ultra HD internet television has 55 inch LED TV screen, 4K X1 TV processor, XR 200Hz motionflow, 4K...