10 Tips for AC Maintenance

Nowadays, with the changing climate, the use of AC has become essential to keep the hot and humid environment of homes and offices comfortable. This year due to increase in temperature, AC demand has increased a lot, but the AC price in Bangladesh has not increased in that proportion. AC mainly controls the temperature and environment of the room. And in this case, to ensure efficient and effective use of AC, regular maintenance is required. Moreover, regular maintenance makes the air conditioner useful for long. So let's know about important AC maintenance tips:


1. Dirty air filter reduces the efficiency of AC to a great extent which will increase power consumption using AC. So the air filter should be cleaned every 2-3 months. Moreover, if the AC is used frequently or the area is full of dust, it should be cleaned more frequently.


2. Evaporator coils get dirty over time, which can reduce air conditioner efficiency as well as increase energy costs. So the coil should be cleaned periodically.


3. Condenser coils located outside the building can quickly become dirty due to exposure to dust, dirt, and other debris. So the condenser coils also need to be cleaned periodically to ensure that the AC runs efficiently.


4. Also the air conditioner drainage system should be checked and cleaned if necessary.


5. Check if the refrigerant level in the AC is adequate. If the refrigerant level is low, the efficiency of the AC will decrease and energy consumption may increase. Therefore, check the refrigerant level periodically and add more if necessary.


6. Care should be taken to ensure that the AC outdoor unit is not blocked by leaves, branches, or debris. For AC to run efficiently, the outdoor unit should be kept clean on time.


7. If there is a problem with the thermostat, such as incorrect temperature readings or difficulty adjusting settings, the thermostat should be properly tested. AC thermostat should be changed if necessary.


8. It should be checked thoroughly whether the electrical wiring to the AC is properly connected and whether the cable used is damaged in any way. Damaged cable connections should be repaired if necessary.


9. As technology improves, upgraded energy-efficient AC should be considered. Because AC with new technologies and features is more energy-efficient and will save considerable electricity consumption in the long run.


10. Apart from following the above tips, you can get professional servicing. Currently, there is a good system of professional servicing for low-cost AC maintenance in Bangladesh. In this case, the servicing cost of the AC will be between 800-1200 Tk. And if the AC is located inside the outdoor balcony, servicing will be available at a slightly lower cost.


By following the above maintenance tips, you can keep your air conditioner running efficiently while reducing the risk of other problems.

This article has been posted on: August 02, 2023
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