How to Keep the House Cool?


Due to global excess greenhouse gas emissions and temperate climate, our country has hot summers for longer periods of the year. As a result, excess heat during summer has the greatest impact on the lives of common people. At the end of the day's busy work, one has to face the intense heat when returning home. And keeping the house cool is key to staying comfortable in the summer. But those who have a budget can easily keep the house cool by buying an air conditioner. However, there is a lot of load shedding in Bangladesh, so if you follow the rules below, you will get many benefits in all cases. So let's know the ways to keep the house cool easily:


1. Use of Heavy Curtain: Heavy curtain should be used on the windows of the house and the windows should be closed so that the intense heat of the sun does not enter the house easily. As a result, heat will not easily enter the room and the room will remain cool enough.


2. Natural Air Supply: windows and doors should be kept open regularly in the morning and evening. Because during this time the cold air helps keep the room cool by removing the warm air from the room.


3. Greening: In order to keep the house cool, trees should be planted around the house or on the roof of the house, along with canopies on the windows. Because plants will easily absorb heat and keep the house cool in excess heat.


4. Use of LED Light: In many room, natural light is usually less or different types of lights are used to light the room at night, as a result, the room is heated as well as the light. Therefore, LED lights should be used to keep the house cool in summer as these types of lights produce more light as well as less heat and are energy efficient.


5. Wall Ventilator: Ventilators are one of the most effective ways to keep the room cool as it allows light air to enter the room. So the ventilator should be kept clean to keep the house cool in summer.


6. Use Less Furniture: The more furniture there is, the warmer the room will be. Therefore, in summer, the room should be arranged in a small amount of furniture for proper supply of light and air.


7. Keeping Unnecessary Devices Off: Electronic devices such as TV, computer, tablet, washing machine, iron machine and even mobile charger etc. small devices generate heat in addition to work and heat up the room environment. So it should be stopped immediately after use as needed.


8. Use of White Color on the Walls: White or light colors should be used on the walls of the house inside or outside and even on the roof of the house. Because white or light colors easily radiate heat with ultraviolet rays from the sun and help keep the room cool.


9. Fabrics Used in Furniture: Cotton or linen fabrics should be used for furniture such as bed sheets, pillow covers, sofa cushion covers etc. Because such clothes can absorb heat easily and help to keep room temperature normal.


10. Use of Exhaust Fans in Bathrooms and Kitchen: Bathroom and kitchen are generally closed. Moreover, the heat generated by cooking in the kitchen warms the room. So keeping the stove off after work and keeping the exhaust fan on will cool down the room quickly.


11. Cross Ventilation: Also, table fan or portable fan should be used in the windows to bring the temperature of the room to a tolerable level in summer. As a result, it will quickly cool down the hot air from the room.


12. Use of Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fan can basically circulate air evenly around the room and cool it quickly. So to keep the room cool in summer, ceiling fans should be used as well as other fans.


13. Use of Ice or Frozen Water: If you put ice cubes or frozen water in a pot on the floor of the house and leave the fan on, the room temperature will decrease to a great extent and a cool environment will prevail.


14. Cleanliness: In summer, the floor of the house should be wiped regularly in the afternoon and once before going to bed at night. It reduces the temperature of the room quickly and maintains a cool environment.


In addition to the above methods, various types of air coolers are available at low prices in Bdstall to keep the room cool.

This article has been posted on: April 30, 2023
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