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Xtuga E22 Professional Sound Card Price in Bangladesh


1 MQ input resistance
18.5kQ input resistance
-10dB -+40dB gain range
-10dB -+40dB Gain Range
+10dBu maximum input level
20Hz- 20kHz frequency response

Full Specification

ID 74579
Lowest Price ৳ 5,500
Item Audio Interface
Status Sold Out
Updated 1 month ago
Seller Location Bangladesh


The Xtuga E-22 audio interface includes all microphones, live broadcast, electric guitars, studio recording, and bus connecting ports. This Xtuga sound card audio interface includes a studio-grade 24-bit / 192 kHz converter for best sound quality, as well as a + 48V Phantom power supply for a condenser mic and a HI-Z mic preamp. This XTUGA E-22 enables mixed control zero-latency direct monitoring of the audio interface with better performance and recording without any interruption or delay in the return signal.

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