How to keep Laptop Battery Better?

Nowadays laptop is the most popular device for studying, gaming, and official or professional work. However, one of the most important aspects of using a laptop is power backup. And the important part of the laptop to get this backup is the laptop battery. According to demand and requirements, all type of Laptop battery is available in Bangladesh. However, even though laptop battery is cheap, it is very important to maintain them properly, which will ensure long-lasting usage as well as provide good battery backup later on. So let's know about how to keep your laptop better

How to keep laptop battery better?

1. Laptop battery is more likely to be damaged in extreme temperatures and extreme cold. Hence, the laptop cannot be kept in excessively cold or hot weather.


2. In case of laptop battery use, minimum of 20% charge and maximum of 80% charge, then the battery can be used for a long time.


3. To keep the laptop battery healthy, external devices like USB drives, printers, or Bluetooth devices should be disconnected after use.


4. The most effective way to keep the laptop battery healthy is to close unnecessary applications and processes running in the background of the laptop.


5. Once the laptop battery is fully charged, the charger should be unplugged from the battery connection. Because overcharging reduces battery performance.


6. If you don't want to use the laptop for a long time, you should use hibernate mode instead of sleep mode. As a result, hibernate mode shuts down all processes of the laptop and conserves battery power.


7. Laptop firmware and drivers should be updated regularly so that the laptop battery will last longer.


8. Heavy software usage including gaming, content creation, and video editing drains the battery charge quickly. Therefore, in this type of work, if the charger is plugged in and used, the pressure on the laptop battery will be reduced to a large extent.


9. In the case of using a laptop, a certain level of comfortable brightness should be used, then the laptop battery will be useful for a long time.


10. Also, use the power saving or battery saving mode of the laptop, then the laptop battery will be good enough.


11. If Internet browsing or audio device connection is not required, WiFi or Bluetooth connection should be turned off. Then the laptop battery will drain less and longer backup time will be available.


12. Also, using an SSD hard disk in laptop gives better battery performance. Compared to traditional hard disk, the price of SSD is now affordable in Bangladesh, which helps in faster file access on laptop and less charge cost.


By following the above maintenance tips you can use the laptop safely for a long time. Also, visit the popular online marketplace to know about laptop price and all laptop accessories.

This article has been posted on: February 07, 2024
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