How to listen headphone without damaging ears?

With the touch of technology, there has been a radical change in entertainment in our daily life. Headphone is the most popular device for listening to audio and video these days. We use headphone to listen to audio while commuting in the bus, at the office or even while spending time alone at home. Moreover, a wide variety of in-ear, over-ear headphone including Bluetooth headphone, speaker, and earbud are available in our country at affordable price with new designs and advanced technology. However, we rarely use headphone compatible with our daily devices like laptops, mobiles, audio players. As a result, regular use of headphone causes severe problems in our ears. So, learn how to safely listen to audio with headphone without damaging your ears in addition to ear infections, physical injuries, and hearing protection.


How to listen to headphone without damaging the ears?

1. Limited Listening Time

One of the causes of hearing loss is listening to audio at high volume for long periods of time. As a result, the hearing power of the ear gradually decreases permanently. Also, many people hear ringing in the ears or different types of sounds when using headphone for a long time, which later leads to hearing loss. Therefore, in case of listening to video, audio, you should take a break of 5-10 minutes every 30 minutes without listening continuously. Then, using headphone will reduce the risk of hearing loss to a great extent.

2. Low Volume Usage
It is very important to keep the headphone volume at a normal level when listening to audio. Also, the volume should be kept at a level where you can hear the surrounding conversation or ambient noise in your home or office. According to the World Health Organization, a person can listen to a maximum of 85 decibels for eight hours a day, which is helpful in maintaining the normal hearing power of the ear. Hence, long audio sessions at high volume should be avoided. Also, many audio device and headphone have built-in volume limiters, which help the user prevent listening to audio at high volumes.

3. Correct Headphone Verification
In-ear, over-ear and on-ear type of Bluetooth headphone, earbuds and gaming headphone are available at affordable price in our country. Nowadays, small sized earbuds made of silicone or plastic have become quite popular as mobiles equipped with smart features are readily available. This type of in-ear headphone delivers sound directly inside the ear. As a result ear damage is very likely. On the other hand, out-of-the-ear headphone such as over-ear or on-ear headphone are safer. This is because these type of headphone do not put direct pressure on the eardrum. So, to prevent ear damage, choose the right headphone and use them.

4. Noise cancellation Headphone
Another modern way to prevent hearing loss is to use noise cancellation headphone. Headphone with this type of feature usually provides a type of audio signal to provide noise-free clear audio when talking on a mobile phone or listening to audio. As a result, you will hear audio at a lower volume. Also, there will be no need to adjust the volume level while talking or listening to audio for a long time. Therefore, using headphone with noise cancellation feature will reduce your risk of potential hearing loss.

5. Best Quality Headphone
Low-cost headphone typically delivers low-quality sound, which may force you to turn up the volume when talking or listening to audio on the headphone. So, choose high-quality headphone as per requirement, which can provide good sound quality. As a result, you can safely talk and listen to audio at low volume with the best quality headphone. Also, headphone of the compatible model of your used device is available at affordable price on the popular online marketplace Because, depending on the device model, headphone uses specific power and frequency. Therefore, using headphone of compatible model with the device will reduce the risk of hearing loss.

6. Prevent Ear Infection
Prolonged use of earbuds and headphone can create a warm and humid environment in the ears. As a result, the chances of earache and earwax increase. Also, carelessness while walking outdoors with headphone is likely to cause various accidents. Therefore, headphone should be kept open when walking outside. Also, keep your ears clean in addition to regularly cleaning your headphone with disinfectant to keep your hearing in good condition.

7. Hearing Test
Hearing power should be tested periodically to minimize ear damage when using headphone. As a result, early signs of hearing loss can be easily observed. A doctor's advice should be sought if necessary, which will help maintain safe hearing power of the ear.

This article has been posted on: May 23, 2024
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