How to Speed Up the PC

How to Speed Up the PC

Computers facilitate various tasks in our daily life. Due to the decrease in the price of desktop computer in Bangladesh, it is now widely used in applications such as web design, graphics design, video editing, etc. Sometimes the computer slows down while doing regular work on the PC. If such a problem occurs, you have to face trouble while browsing the Internet or doing any useful work. There are a few things to avoid such troubles that if you know, you can speed up and keep your PC running smoothly. Now let's know some tips to increase the speed of desktop PC:-

Un-install unnecessary software

Many files or software have to be installed while working on PC. But some files or software are useful at one time but are no longer needed later. They occupy PC storage and slow down PC performance. Therefore, such files or software should be deleted from the PC after using them. In this case third party software can be used.

Start up process

When the PC is turned on at work, several programs are also launched. Due to this the speed of the PC decreases a lot. But these programs can be stopped very easily. First pressing the Ctrl-Shift-Esc button will launch a program. The second step is to click on the Startup column section. In the third step, if you right click the mouse on the program list, you will see the disabled option, if you click on it, the program will no longer start when you turn on the PC. But it may differ depending on the operating system.

Adding an SSD

Adding a solid state drive or SSD to a hard drive in a PC will greatly increase the speed of the PC. It is a device that can be connected to a desktop PC to smoothly use various large files or software like Adobe Photoshop. So SSD plays an important role in keeping the PC running smoothly.

Use of Third Party Software

There are many third party software to improve PC performance which help to speed up the PC by cleaning the junk. It is better to choose software in case of third software. IOLO System Mechanic is a premium third-party software. As a result of using such software, junk or virus cannot easily attack the PC. An authentic third party security software should be used even if it costs some money.

Keep disk clean

There are many unnecessary files on the disk of the PC which waste a lot of storage space on the PC. These files constantly slow down the performance of the PC. To delete these files from the PC, go to the Start menu and search for Disk Cleanup and delete the unnecessary files by selecting from the drives in it. If they are deleted from the disk, the performance of the PC will increase.

Prevent virus attack

PCs running Windows operating systems have built-in defenders to prevent PC virus attacks or malware. Many third party apps clean these viruses. A powerful third party app called MalwareBits Anti-Malware offers anti-malware protection for free. Virus attacks can be prevented by adopting these processes. As a result, the speed of the PC will increase. And to get more performance, you can use paid antivirus or internet security.

Turn off notifications

PC speed can be increased by turning off PC notifications. Notifications from software like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Email etc. while working on PC, these weakens the PC a lot. Notifications from various software cause the PC to slow down and in some cases hang. Keeping the notifications off will speed up the PC a lot. So the unnecessary notifications should be turned off.

PC cooling

Working on the PC for a long time causes the PC to heat up and thus slow down the speed. The job of the cooling system is to prevent the PC from overheating. If the PC is cool, the task can work faster. For this, a good quality cooling system should be used in the PC.

Keep the recycle bin clean

When you delete a file after working on PC, it is not completely deleted but it is stored in the recycle bin. These accumulated files waste storage separately. As a result, the speed of the PC decreases a lot. So at least once a week the files in the recycle bin need to be deleted. As a result, storage will be freed up and PC speed will increase.


Cleaning the PC

If you run the PC for a long time, a lot of dust accumulates in it, it can disturb the PC and even damage many parts. You can clean it yourself if you want. And it is better to use an air blower because it will blow away the dust stuck inside. But if not, you can get it from a shop for a small amount of money.


Increase virtual memory

If you have less memory, you can add some memory to increase the speed in this case it will cost some money. Or you can add some virtual memory so it acts like RAM and get some boost. Remember to always keep some space on your hard disk free, never full.

This article has been posted on: August 05, 2022
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