Boiling water is really 100 percent pure?

Another name of water is life because the human body contains about 60-70 percent water. Every cell, tissue, organ in the human body is dependent on water. There is no substitute for clean water for every living being to survive. We use different methods to find clean water. But apart from boiling the water, we can drink it by purifying the water with the help of water filter to stay trouble free.


Why do You Need Pure water?

In our country there is a severe shortage of clean water in villages and towns. If the water is not pure, the human body is more likely to get various water-borne diseases including jaundice, typhoid, diarrhea. Besides, if the level of chemicals in the water is excessive, there is a possibility of kidney, skin disease, heart disease, cancer due to arsenic. Which can later cause death to the lives of ordinary people. So the need of clean water is immense to stay healthy and fresh all the time.


Purification by Boiling Water System

Boiling is the oldest and safest way to purify water. At home, in the office, tube well or supply water is usually used, but it is better to boil water for eating and cooking. Let's know some things to do to purify water by boiling:

  • Boil water at 100 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.
  • Boiling the water at the prescribed temperature destroys the germs, larvae or bacteria in the water.
  • Water should be filtered well before boiling and before drinking.
  • Boiled water should be stored in a covered container and the glass should be cleaned before drinking.


Is Boiling Water Pure?

The process of water purification by boiling is basically an old but a good one. When water is boiled at a certain temperature, it is almost hundred percent free of bacteria, which keeps the human body free from diseases. However, chemicals and metals in water such as nitrate, fluoride, arsenic, calcium remain after boiling. Some of these substances are necessary for the human body and some substances are unnecessary. If water is boiled, 100% germs will be free but 100% will be purified. And there are water purifiers or filters for 100% purification. If you have doubts about boiled water, you can drink it after filtering it.



Some precautions should be taken before and after boiling water.
1. Before boiling the water, the water should be strained.
2. Water has to be boiled at a certain temperature and for a certain time otherwise there is a possibility of germs in the water.
3. Gas or stove should be turned off after certain time of water otherwise fuel wastage will increase.
4. The container for storing boiled water should be kept clean and covered after storing the water to prevent external contamination.
5. Boiled water should never be stored in plastic containers while hot as the ethylene in the plastic can mix with the water as it heats the water.

6. If the water is high in acid or alkaline due to chemical substances, it is safe to drink the water by measuring it with the help of a pH meter. It is good to remember that pure water has pH-7. However, pH-6 to pH-8.5 water is potable.

This article has been posted on: March 19, 2023
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