What is needed to make a PC?

In the technology-dependent era, desktop PC or computer is the most used device after mobile phone for the people of our country and around the world. Which is basically better known as personal computer or desktop computer. Apart from educational use, PC plays an effective role in building a professional career. So having your own PC is very important nowadays. In this case,, in Bangladesh, there are many custom CPU available with monitor or without monitor at affordable price and you can check desktop computer price in However, building a PC by collecting components will be more cost-effective than buying a build-in PC according to the usage requirement.


The most important part in making a Desktop PC is the CPU or Central Processing Unit. It combines hardware and software to execute and calculate user instructions. The central processing unit is made up of important components such as the motherboard, RAM, storage, graphics card, casing and power supply. Advanced CPU is definitely needed to get fast and long time performance. So let's have an idea about what components are needed to make a PC:


Motherboard: The main circuit board of the PC is the motherboard. The main function of the motherboard is to connect all the parts of the computer together, including the CPU, RAM and other components. Moreover, a good motherboard is required for safe, fast and proper computer work.


Processor: Choosing a processor is very important while building a PC. Processors play an important role in improving the speed and clarity of computer work. The processor should be selected considering the PC usage pattern and budget. Processor speed and number of cores determine the processing efficiency of the processor. The higher the number of cores in the processor, the more efficient it will be.


RAM: RAM is the short-term memory of the computer. It basically stores the user's data and later helps the central processing unit to access the data quickly. Moreover, RAM plays an important role in making the PC run faster. Currently RAM is available from 4 GB to 32 GB. So select and use RAM capacity according to work requirements.


Hard Disk: Hard disk is very important for storing data in PC. Currently there are two types of hard disk available. SSD or HDD hard disk can be used for long term data storage. However, HDD hard disk is generally less data read write, data transfer speed than SSD hard disk. So it is better to use SSD hard disk in PC build for fast speed, large software, operating system change and file transfer.


Power Supply: Power supply is an essential component of PC manufacturing. It essentially converts alternating current power into direct current power, supplying power to all computer components, including the PC's motherboard, CPU, graphics card, storage drives, and other peripheral devices. Currently power supplies have over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection etc. So ensure a good PC power supply to run smoothly and safely.


Graphics Card: Graphics card also known as GPU is mainly used to render images and videos in PC. Moreover, depending on the type of work you do, how important the graphics card is in the PC. A graphics card is not required in a PC for normal work. But graphics card is very important in PC for work like gaming or editing. Before taking the graphics card must be compatible with the processor.


Casing: The casing provides a place to mount the motherboard, power supply and other components together. Moreover, the casing provides airflow that helps keep the PC components cool and secure. Currently we have casings with cooling facilities in various sizes and attractive designs in our country. So according to the requirements good casing should be taken to make the PC. Casing is available in Bangladesh at reasonable price and should purchase PC casing based on the need, choice and performance. 


Budget: Budget is a very important thing to consider while building a PC. Before building a PC, check what you will be using the PC for and select the right PC parts that will help you determine your budget. Moreover, if you want, you can build a good PC online using the PC builder from

This article has been posted on: May 13, 2023
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Md. Jewel Mahmud
Md. Jewel Mahmud | 10 June 2023 02.58 PM
Informative Blog. Thank you for sharing.