Why is Toyota Corolla Car so popular in Bangladesh?

Since the invention of the wheel, there has been a revolutionary change in the human transportation system. Moreover, due to the improvement of the transportation system in our country, the demand for private car has also increased to a large extent among upper to middle class families. Currently, according to customer demand, used and reconditioned car of popular brands including Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Tata, Audi, Volkswagen, Nissan are available at affordable price in our country's popular online marketplace However, among all the car brands, Toyota Corolla is the most popular car from ordinary drivers to car enthusiasts. Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular model of Toyota in Bangladesh. So let's know in detail why Toyota Corolla car is so popular in Bangladesh.


Why is Toyota Corolla car so popular in Bangladesh?

Reliable and Durable

One of the reasons for the popularity of the Toyota Corolla car is that it provides quality and long-lasting car along with the reliable brand. Also, the Corolla car is built with strong build quality and attractive design to drive comfortably in extreme weather and challenging roads. As a result, congested inner city roads and rural roads can be easily navigated. Moreover, for both personal and professional use, the Corolla car can be driven smoothly for a long time without constant repair or maintenance.

Fuel Efficient

Due to rising fuel prices, using a car seems expensive to many. However, the Toyota Corolla is quite fuel efficient to drive. Therefore, one of the reasons for the popularity of Corolla car in our country is fuel efficiency. Moreover, the Corolla is more fuel efficient than other models due to its advanced engine and aerodynamic design. According to the fuel and road conditions, the mileage of the Corolla car is slightly less or more. However, the Toyota Corolla delivers an average mileage of around 11.3-16.3 Kmpl. As a result, drivers save fuel costs in the long run.

Comfortable Interior

Toyota Corolla looks compact from the outside but the interior is quite spacious and attractive. This car usually has five seats. Also, it offers ample legroom, headroom and storage space. As a result, it can be used comfortably for personal use as well as family travel. Moreover, Corolla car have  super cooling air condition system, infotainment system to drive comfortably in any weather.


Cost effective Maintenance and Availability of Parts

Car maintenance is very challenging in our country especially in remote areas. Moreover, car cannot be repaired properly due to lack of spare parts and skilled mechanics. However, with these things in mind, it is better to use Toyota Corolla. Because, Corolla spare parts and skilled mechanics are easily available in our country. As a result, spare parts for repairs can be easily procured and maintenance can be carried out at relatively low cost. Hence, the availability of spare parts and skilled mechanics makes Toyota Corolla car at the peak of popularity among car owners and drivers in our country.

Resale Value

The resale value of the car is considered very important in our country while buying a car. As a result, customers consider Toyota Corolla as an attractive investment. Corolla car always maintain good quality standards for long-lasting performance and reliability. As a result, the car can be safely used next year. So, Toyota Corolla can be bought and sold at a price close to the purchase price after 4-5 years of use. As a result, the Corolla car has become a symbol of trust in our country as well as around the world for its quality and reliability. Moreover, Corolla X price in Bangladesh is quite low among all Toyota Corolla models. Hence, the Corolla X is a budget friendly car for the professional driver to the middle class.


In addition to the above, the Toyota Corolla car still retains its popularity among car owners and drivers by meeting diverse needs and expectations. Moreover, along with technological development, new models of Corolla car are available in the market with new technology, design, improved engine, which will maintain the same popularity in the coming years.

This article has been posted on: June 13, 2024
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