10 tips to buy air conditioner at low price


10 tips to buy air conditioner at low price

Want to buy a good AC at a low price? If you don't have the experience of buying an AC before, you may face a lot of problems while buying a new AC. However, if you know the tips of buying a good AC at a low price, you can safely buy a good quality AC within your budget.

When it is not possible to cool the house even with the ceiling fan in intense heat, many people decide to buy AC as the only way. But, if you go to buy AC with the decision to buy AC, then you will have to face some serious problems later.

Also, since AC is a long-time budget item, it should be bought thoughtfully. Today I will discuss with you the tips of buying a good AC at a low price. Read the entire post to get a complete idea of the things you need to know before buying an AC.

Tips for buying a good AC at a low price

There are a few things to keep in mind to buy a good AC at a low price. After buying the AC, you have to get an idea about these things before buying the AC. Below is the AC buying guide and some tips that must be known before buying an air conditioner.


Set a budget

Before buying an AC you must determine your budget. AC comes in different prices. The price of AC is determined depending on the different features and size of the AC. There are different types of AC including 0.5 ton, 1 ton, 1.5 ton. After determining the AC you need, you need to budget according to the price of the AC. Assume that the room where you want to install AC, 0.5 ton of AC will do. But, if you buy 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC there, it will cost more money. So, decide the budget according to the price of which ACT you want to buy.


Keep the room size in mind

As I said earlier, AC should be bought according to the size of the room. If you buy 0.5 ton or 1 ton AC for a huge room, then it will not be possible for this AC to cool the whole room. Again, your house is very small but you buy 2 ton AC. It will cost you more money but you won't get more benefits.

You can get an idea of how many tons of AC to buy according to the size of the house from the list below -
1. Up to 100 sq. ft.: 0.75/0.8 ton or 1 ton AC is sufficient.
2. 100-200 square feet: 1 ton of ACE can keep your room cool.
3. 201-300 sq ft: 1.25 or 1.5 ton AC required.
4. 301-500 square feet: 1.5 ton AC is perfect for your room.
Before buying an AC, calculate the square feet of your room. Then, you can easily figure out how many tons of AC will cool your room. Accordingly, you don't have to spend extra money if you buy AC.


How is the floor of the house?

The floor of the house on the ground floor is usually cold. Hence, there is little or no chance of floor heating. So, AC can be bought considering the size of the room only. But, if you live on the top floor of the house, which is right under the roof of the house, then the floor of your house is more likely to heat up. So, you need to buy a slightly larger sized AC than the normal one.
Because, if the floor starts to get hot then the small size AC will not be able to cool the room easily. For this, you have to buy a slightly larger size AC.


Should you take window AC or split AC?

AC is of two types. Window AC and Split AC. Although split and window air conditioners work similarly, there are some important differences between them. For example - Window AC are available at much lower prices than split AC. Split AC can be installed anywhere. But windows are required to install window AC.
Split AC consumes less electricity than window AC. Split AC is much less noisy than window AC. Split AC cools the room faster than window AC. Split AC looks very beautiful and modern which will enhance the beauty of your home. Window AC on the other hand take up more space and are not as beautiful.


How to check AC coil

Many consider only brand, price, and capacity while buying an AC. But coil type is also very important while buying AC. Copper Coil and Aluminum Coil – Both types of coils are used in AC. Copper coils are much better than aluminum coils in terms of durability, maintenance, and quick cooling.


Check the power saving rating

Many people only look at the price when buying a car. But the power saving rating is also very important when considering long-term costs. AC with low power saving rating (STAR) will cost less. But electricity consumption will be high. As a result, your costs will increase in the long run.

On the other hand, As with higher power saving rating (STAR) will have lower electricity consumption even if the price is higher. As a result, you will save money in the long run. So, while buying an AC, do not just look at the price but also consider the power saving rating. Buying an AC with more stars (power saving rating) will save you money.


Check AC price in BDstall

While buying AC offline, the store salesman will recommend you different models. But not all salesmen are always trustworthy. Check the Bdstall AC prices of the models recommended. If you see lower prices of those AC online, then inform the salesman.

If the salesman is not willing to sell the AC at the online price, then buy it online. Besides, you can pay through various payment methods while buying AC online. From which there is an opportunity to get discount. Besides, paying by card offers many discounts. If you want you can buy AC online in installments using EMI method.


Check how the service center works

Even after buying an AC, there are many responsibilities to be fulfilled. Regular servicing is crucial to ensure longevity and smooth performance of the AC. Also, any malfunctions require quick repairs.
In this respect the service center of the brand plays an important role. Having a good service center will make regular servicing and repairs easier. So check the after sales service of the brand of AC you are buying. For that, you can know about their after sales services online.


Buy Condensers & Compressors

Brand, price, and capacity are not the only things to consider when buying an AC. Condensers and compressors are also important for longevity and good performance.
Condenser: Condenser made of pure copper is durable and conducts heat well. 4-7 mm diameter condensers are more efficient than larger diameter ones. Having fins inside the tube increases the efficiency of the condenser.



While buying AC one should not fall into the trap of attractive advertisements and tempting offers. Buying such an AC lured by cheap Wi-Fi and various features may pay off later.
The following points should be considered while buying an AC:
• Check how durable the AC is. There are many AC in the market that break down quickly.
• To reduce electricity consumption, buy AC that have a high energy efficiency rating (STAR).
• Know how fast the AC can cool the room.
• Check the after sales service of the AC brand you are buying.


This article has been posted on: February 15, 2024
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