2 Ton AC Price in Bangladesh

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2 Ton Ac Buying in Bangladesh

Air conditioner is essential to control the room temperature in the current climate of Bangladesh. 2 Ton AC is suitable for relatively small and large rooms in offices and homes. General, Panasonic, Gree, Sharp, Carrier, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Media, and various Chinese brands of 2 ton air conditioner is available in Bangladesh. And, currently, you can collect 2-ton AC from BDStall at a low price.

Why buy 2 tons AC?

More space can be cooled by using 2-ton AC. Moreover, even if the number of people in the room is high, it cools the room at the same rate and provides comfort. Due to the special features of 2 ton AC, the relative demand is constantly increasing. Discussed in detail:

Fan Speed: Typically 2 ton AC can flow fan air at three speeds: low, medium and high. Also, there are some special 2 ton AC that can flow air at low, medium and high speeds as well as super high and powerful speed. However, 2 ton ACs with very high and powerful speeds are relatively expensive. The air speed can be changed manually and there is an automatic option which when switched on changes the air speed in proportion to the room temperature.

Coverage Area: 2 Ton ACs can cool an area of 180 square feet to 270 square feet. However, if 2 tons of AC is used to cool more places, then the AC compressor will be under pressure and the possibility of damage will increase. Depending on the model of the 2 ton AC, the coverage area is slightly more or less.

AC Type: Different types of 2 ton AC are available as per requirement. Currently, 2 ton split AC, 2 ton window AC, 2 ton cassette AC, and 2 ton portable AC have gained great popularity in Bangladesh.

Energy Efficient: 2 ton ACs are relatively more cost effective. Especially 2 ton ACs with inverter technology can save 35 to 65 percent of electricity. When the room is cool enough, the 2 ton inverter AC can automatically flow air at a low speed, so it can save a lot of electricity.

Budget Friendly: 2 Ton ACs are available in all types of budgets from low to high depending on the features as per the requirement.

Smart features: 2 ton AC has various smart features which is one of the reasons for the popularity of 2 ton AC. Some of the special features are: sleeping mode memory function, on-off timer, high-density filter, automatic drawing operation, intelligent defrosting, and etc.

What is the price of 2 tons of AC in Bangladesh?

Currently, 2 ton AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 45,000 to TK 50,000 depending on the brand of AC, technology, compressor quality, and type of AC. Also, used 2 ton AC is available in Bangladesh with prices ranging from TK 28,000 to TK 40,000. 2 ton window ACs are available between TK 1,00,000 to TK 1,10,000. However, better quality 2 ton ACs are available between TK 70,000 to TK 80,000.

Best 2 Ton Air Conditioner Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best 2 ton air conditioner list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best 2 ton air conditioner list has been created based on the interest for 2 ton air conditioner buyers of BD Stall.

2 Ton Air Conditioner Model Price in BD
Gree GS-24XFA32 2-Ton Ultra Cool AC ৳ 67,900
Samsung AR24CVFYAWK1FE 2-Ton Inverter Air Conditioner ৳ 81,000
Midea MSM-24CRN Non Inverter 2 Ton Air Conditioner ৳ 55,990
Midea MSI24CRN-AF5 2-Ton Inverter Air Conditioner ৳ 65,000
Haier HSU-24TurboCool 2-Ton Non-Inverter AC ৳ 55,000
Green Aire 2-Ton Inverter AC ৳ 50,000
Gree Lomo GS-24LM410 2-Ton Non-Inverter AC ৳ 65,000
Midea MSI-24CRN1-AF5S 2 Ton Inverter AC ৳ 64,000
Midea MSA24CRNNEC 2-Ton 40% Energy Saving AC ৳ 56,000
Midea MSA-24CRN 24000 BTU 2 Ton Split AC ৳ 52,500