Panasonic AC Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Panasonic AC Buying in Bangladesh

Polarization on Earth causes intense heat waves in almost every country for almost a long time of the year. Almost all homes, offices, and businesses use fans for relief in the heat, but the body does not cool down much in the heat. As a result, AC is used as an alternative to the fan, which cools the body in a short time as well as the temperature inside the room can be taken to a tolerable level. Although there are many ACs of different brands in Bangladesh, the Japanese Panasonic brand AC is very popular. Because Panasonic AC is mainly designed to be durable for users and eco-friendly with smart technology.

Why buy Panasonic AC?

Environment-Friendly R32 Refrigerant: R32 Refrigerant is mainly used in Panasonic brand ACs. Which has a very low impact on the ozone layer and emits fewer greenhouse gases thus keeping the environment safe. As a result, Panasonic AC is healthy and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the use of R32 refrigerant can transfer heat within the room very quickly and use less electricity. As a result Panasonic brand AC is called energy efficient.

Eco AI Technology: Panasonic air conditioners are made with eco-friendly technology with artificial intelligence. As a result, the air conditioner can easily know the room temperature and is able to keep it cool as needed without the user's instructions. Moreover, as a result of the use of this technology, according to the temperature of each room, Panasonic air conditioners automatically work to keep the highest level of environmental friendliness based on capacity.

Cooling Season Performance Factor: Panasonic air conditioners have used the cooling season performance factor to control the heat that is in the room from various devices used in the room during winter. The cooling season performance factor is basically a few ratings from the room temperature and controls the temperature using partial capacity rather than full capacity. As a result, Panasonic air conditioners play an effective role in keeping the indoor temperature at a normal level in the winter.

Temperature Control & Energy Saving System: Panasonic brand inverter air conditioner is one of the best in temperature control and energy saving. Because Panasonic brand inverter AC can change compressor speed with temperature change. Moreover, like conventional air conditioners, Panasonic inverter AC does not have to be turned on or off repeatedly and controls the heat according to the room temperature, thereby reducing electricity consumption to a large extent. Moreover, the use of a Panasonic Inverter AC keeps the temperature low so that consistent cooling is always available.

Nano X Technology: Currently Panasonic AC uses the latest Nano X Technology. Due to the use of Nano X technology, Panasonic brand air conditioners are at the top of the list of customers' preferences. Nano X technology is essentially the technology of mixing hydroxyl radicals with water. Hydroxyl radicals are a type of natural detergent that can easily destroy viruses and bacteria. As a result, the Panasonic AC with Nano X technology is efficient enough to keep the room environment safe, healthy and clean.

What is the price of Panasonic AC in Bangladesh?

Panasonic AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 60,000 to TK 65,000 depending on AC ton capacity, technology, inverter or non-inverter etc. Besides, the currently used Panasonic AC price in BD starts from TK 28,000 to TK 30,000. However, the price of Panasonic brand AC with Nano X technology starts from TK 90,000.

Best Panasonic Air Conditioner Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Panasonic Air Conditioner Model Price in BD
Panasonic CS-VC18VKY-81 1.5 Ton Energy Saving AC ৳ 67,990
Panasonic CS-YC18MKF 1.5 Ton 18000 BTU Split AC ৳ 59,000
Panasonic 1.5-Ton Non-Inverter Air Conditioner ৳ 28,000
Panasonic 2-Ton Non-Inverter Split AC ৳ 33,000
Panasonic CU-PC24MKH 4-Ton Cassette AC ৳ 65,000