General AC Price in Bangladesh 2024 | 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton

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"O General", better known as General, is a well-known electronics brand in Bangladesh. General AC is made with very sophisticated technology so it is up-to-date. Some of the features of General AC are as follows:

1. The General AC has a built-in "Human Sensor" which means it identifies how many people are in the room and cools the room accordingly. It also detects human movements and adjusts the cooling accordingly if someone leaves the room. When it detects that most people are inside the room it is ready to cool down the most. This saves the electric bill.

2. Some models of General AC in Bangladesh have hot and cooling function which means it can cool the house in summer as well as heat the house in winter season. It is ideal for older people and children.

3. General AC uses "V-PAM inverter" technology which automatically controls the cooling according to the environmental conditions.

4. General AC uses a "high-density multi-path heat exchanger" that removes large amounts of heat from the house at once. Thus, cooling is faster and gives instant relief from hot weather. This is very ideal because most of the seasons in Bangladesh are very hot.

5. General AC uses high quality technology "Negative Air Ions Deodorizing Filter" which removes dust and odors from the air. This filter can be easily cleaned.

6. The automatic restart function of the General AC saves the previous setting of the power cut and restores the previous setting when the power comes back on. This feature is great for Bangladeshis.

7. General AC uses durable compressor so maintenance cost is very low.

What is the price of General AC?

The General AC price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 45,000 for exceptional technology and durable compressor. This price is for 1-ton non-inverter technology and it can quickly cool an area of ​​120 square feet.

What is the price of 1.5 ton General AC?

In BD, the price of General AC ranges from Taka 65,000 to Taka 80,000 depending on the power rating and latest technology. The higher the rating the better because it will greatly reduce the electricity bill through non-inverter technology. In Bangladesh, the price of 1.5 ton GEneral AC inverter will be at least 90,000 Taka.

What is the minimum price of 2 ton General AC?

2-ton General AC non-inverter technology in Bangladesh will cost at least Taka 80,000 and the higher the power saving rating, the higher the price. It is better to look at the price list of the AC section of the BD stall because you can buy it by looking at the delivery location as well as the lowest prices and offers.

What is the auto mode in General AC?

It automatically detects the room temperature by the "room temperature sensor" and controls the speed of the fan accordingly.