Vision AC Price in Bangladesh

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Vision AC Buying in Bangladesh

Nowadays air conditioner is a daily companion in all weathers whether hot or winter. Due to the increase in the income of the people of the country, purchasing power has also increased. So now apart from offices and business establishments, the use of AC in homes is increasing rapidly. Currently, Vision brand AC is available in Bangladesh at affordable prices that use new features with advanced technology. As a result, vision brand ACs are currently being exported abroad in addition to meeting AC needs of users in BD.

Why buy Vision AC?

Anti-Bacterial Filter: Anti-Bacterial Filter has been added to Vision AC to keep the room environment cool and free from bacteria and odors for long time use. As a result, Vision Brand AC provides a healthy and refreshing environment while keeping the room cool.

3D Airflow: The significant feature of Vision brand air conditioner is 3D Airflow system. The cool air of the air conditioner flows to the ceiling of the room without touching the user's body directly and cools the entire room temperature. As a result, the user can enjoy a comfortable and cool environment.

Energy Efficiency: Vision AC provides lower operating costs by providing more cooling air with generally lower power consumption. Moreover, this brand of air conditioner has an energy efficiency rating of 3.6, making the AC heater more efficient.

Low Noise Level: Excessive noise in AC usage causes discomfort to the user. However, the Vision Air Conditioner can cool the room environment with very low noise. Moreover, this brand of AC basically works at a sound level below 46 decibels and provides a peaceful environment.

Inverter Technology: Air conditioner with inverter technology basically consume less electricity and save energy. Vision brand inverter ACs provide efficient and consistent cooling while saving costs in usage.

Shelf Cleaning System: One of the special features of Vision AC is the Shelf Cleaning System which helps in preventing the growth of dust and bacteria in the air conditioner. As a result, using this brand of AC will ensure clean and healthy air.

Intelligent Sleep Mode: Vision air conditioners have an intelligent sleep mode that automatically adjusts the room temperature to provide cool air. As a result, the room temperature at night will provide a cool environment for comfortable sleep and save energy.

Turbo Mode: AC with turbo function can quickly provide cool air when needed. Vision AC has turbo mode so it can provide a fast cooling environment for use anytime as needed.

Smart Diagnosis System: Vision air conditioner has a smart diagnosis system so that any problems during use can be easily identified and help to solve these.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Apart from the remote control system, Vision AC has its own mobile app to control. Which can be turned on or off AC or temperature can be reduced or increased through mobile without remote through Wi-Fi connectivity.

What is the price of Vision AC in Bangladesh?

Vision AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 36,000 depending on AC ton capacity, technology, inverter or non-inverter etc. Besides, used AC of the Vision brand is currently available in BD. However, high-quality Vision inverter AC price starts at TK 60,000 which features intelligent sleep mode and smart diagnosis system.