Fujitsu AC Price in Bangladesh

Fujitsu AC Buying in Bangladesh

Among the air conditioners manufactured in Japan, Fujitsu brand air conditioner is well known. The conditioners of this brand are quite powerful and cost-effectively designed as well as quite eco-friendly. Moreover, there are advanced technologies like inverter technology, air purification filter and smartphone control. Fujitsu AC is currently very popular in Bangladesh due to its advanced technology and high quality and efficiency.

What is the price of Fujitsu AC in Bangladesh?

Fujitsu AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 52,000 which depends on AC ton capacity, technology, inverter or non-inverter etc. However, Fujitsu brand ACs with inverter technology, air filter, smart technology etc. price start from TK 1,75,000.

Why buy Fujitsu AC?

Fujitsu ACs feature advanced technology, and high-quality performance to provide reliable, efficient cooling environments and on-demand ventilation.

1. Energy Efficient: Fujitsu air conditioner is powerful and efficiently designed, thereby consuming less electricity than conventional AC.

2. Inverter Technology: Fujitsu AC has inverter technology to adjust the cooling output based on the room temperature. As a result, the electricity bill is considerably lower when using Fujitsu AC.

3. Air Filter: Fujitsu air conditioner has high-quality air-purifying filters. As a result, using this brand of AC removes dust, allergens, and other harmful particles from the air to provide a clean and healthy cooling environment.

4. Quiet Operation: This brand of air conditioner is designed to operate quietly. As a result, Fujitsu AC provides a peaceful environment.

5. Smart Technology: Fujitsu air conditioner is equipped with advanced technologies like smartphone control system, WiFi connectivity, and voice control system. As a result, temperature and other settings can be easily controlled from anywhere using Fujitsu brand AC.

6. Long Life: Fujitsu brand AC is made of durable and high quality materials. As a result, it can be used for a long time and can be maintained at low cost.

In addition, the Fujitsu brand produces a variety of air conditioners including wall-mount, ceiling cassette, floor-standing, and multi-split systems. So Fujitsu air conditioner can be the best choice to choose based on the needs and preferences.