Hitachi AC Price in Bangladesh

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Hitachi AC Buying in Bangladesh

Currently, Hitachi brand is well known among the various brands of air conditioners for residential and commercial use in Bangladesh. The Hitachi brand primarily offers energy-efficient, powerful cooling performance, and user-friendly air conditioners. Moreover, this brand of AC has compressor speed adjustment technology according to the room temperature, air filter, auto-restart function, and smart app etc. Even some air conditioners from the Hitachi range have a dehumidifying function to warm the room environment.

What is the price of Hitachi AC?

Hitachi AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 60,000 which depends on AC ton capacity, technology, inverter or non-inverter etc. However, Hitachi brand AC with inverter technology, air filter, auto restart function, and smart technology price start from TK 85,000. Moreover, the price of Hitachi brand AC with dehumidifying function is much higher.

Why buy Hitachi AC?

Currently, Hitachi brand AC is very popular in Bangladesh for efficiently providing an effective cooling environment at home or office. The special features of Hitachi AC are discussed in detail:

1. Type of Air Conditioner: Hitachi brand has various types of air conditioners including Window AC, Split AC, Cassette AC, and Central AC. So Hitachi air conditioner can be selected according to the requirement.

2. Energy Efficiency: Hitachi air conditioner is designed to cool the room environment quickly while consuming considerably less energy. As a result, the AC of this brand can provide a fast cooling environment by consuming less electricity in the home, office or commercial areas. As a result, electricity consumption will be reduced to a large extent by using Hitachi AC.

3. Powerful Cooling Performance: Using Hitachi air conditioners in rooms during summer helps in creating a cooling environment quickly and cost-effectively.

4. User-Friendly: Hitachi brand ACs have an auto restart function and air filter to easily provide clean cool air. As a result, besides being easy to use, it will play a helpful role in maintaining a clean environment.

5. Quiet Operation: The amount of noise pollution is very low when using Hitachi air conditioners. The result is an ideal air conditioner for seamless use in the bedroom or meeting room.

6. Smart Technology: Hitachi brand AC is equipped with remote control technology through a smartphone app. This allows users to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and other settings from anywhere.

7. Eco-Friendly: Hitachi air conditioner is built with inverter technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while consuming less energy. As a result, the use of Hitachi brand AC will not have any adverse effect on the environment.

8. Budget-Friendly: Hitachi brand ACs have different price ranges due to the variety and technical differences. So one should check whether it meets the need as well as fits the budget and buy a Hitachi air conditioner.

Moreover, Hitachi brand has different types of ACs depending on the room size and type of cooling capacity. So before buying a Hitachi brand AC, one must check whether it can provide a cooling environment according to the size of the room.