Carrier AC Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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The temperature of the environment is increasing every year due to the effect of greenhouse gases. Globally, temperatures have increased significantly during the summer months. Therefore, the use of AC during summer in Bangladesh has become essential. Currently, BD offers carrier-brand AC of various capacities at affordable prices. Carrier AC  has attractive designs, uniform cooling systems, and HVAC systems. As a result, the home, office, indoor playground or industrial area is effective enough to keep the indoor environment cool.

Why buy carrier AC?

Carrier air conditioners play an effective role in keeping homes and offices cool as well as industrial areas or indoor stadiums. Moreover, Carrier brand ACs have significant features such as comfort, humidity and noise control capabilities, and energy saving.

Cost-Efficient HVAC System: Carrier brand air conditioner use HVAC system that allows variable speed system to run at a slower speed to cool the hot environment. As a result, electricity consumption is reduced to a large extent. Even higher-capacity heating and cooling systems carry this type of system rating.

Energy Tracker: Carrier brand AC has energy tracker to monitor how the air conditioner saves energy and reduces costs. Even the energy consumption of the carrier brand AC can be seen through the Infinity Touch control. Moreover, it is helpful to control the temperature and see how much heat is available for computers, tablets or various machinery kept at home or in the office.

Puron Refrigerant: The coolant used in conventional air conditioners to cool the air is harmful to the environment. However, Carrier AC uses Puron refrigerant which is an environment-friendly coolant. Hence, it is better to use carrier AC because of its eco-friendly benefits.

Clean Breath: In Carrier brand air conditioners, Infinity 2-stages work together to remove moisture from the air. Moreover, it works in conjunction with the Infinity Touch Control to run the air conditioner at a lower speed for longer, resulting in cost savings.

What is the price of carrier AC in Bangladesh?

Carrier AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 37,000 to TK 40,000 depending on the ton capacity of AC, technology, inverter or non-inverter etc. Besides, currently used carrier AC prices in BD start from TK 25,000. However, Carrier AC available from TK 1,00,000 onwards has energy efficiency stages and anti-bacterial air filtering technology.