Sharp AC Price in Bangladesh

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Sharp AC Buying in Bangladesh

Sharp air conditioner is equipped with heating and cooling sensors as well as quality and attractive design. Moreover, Sharp brand AC is growing in popularity in BD due to its anti-bacterial and fungus-resistant plasmacluster ion technology, self-cleaning system, and energy efficiency.

Why buy Sharp AC?

Currently, various type of Sharp brand AC is available in Bangladesh including window, split, portable, and central systems. Which is capable of providing comfortable cool air according to the size and requirement of home and office rooms. Also, some significant advantages of using Sharp AC are:

1. Carbon Reduction: Sharp Air Conditioner's notable feature is the Carbon Reduction System which purifies harmful greenhouse gases in the air and provides fresh and healthy air.

2. Inverter Technology: Most Sharp ACs are equipped with inverter technology which helps to control the temperature as well as save electricity. Moreover, this technology helps the Sharp AC adjust the compressor speed based on the cooling load so that energy is not wasted to cool an empty home or office room.

3. J-Tech Inverter Technology: Certain models of Sharp air conditioners use J-Tech Inverter Technology. J-Tech inverter technology is designed primarily with DC motors to provide precise temperature control and quiet operation.

4. Plasmacluster Ion Technology: Plasmacluster ion technology is primarily used to suppress airborne germs and viruses. By using this technology in Sharp AC, users can enjoy a pure, clean, and healthy cool environment.

5. Jet Mode: Sharp brand air conditioners have jet mode function which can automatically reduce the room temperature by 5 degree Celsius within five minutes. Jet mode can cool the room temperature about 40 percent faster than in comparison.

6. Bridge Mode: Sharp AC uses bridge mode mainly to quickly control the outside natural air to provide a light, mild and cool environment.

7. Super Long Airflow: Sharp brand is one of the big installation ACs for large rooms. Because Sharp air conditioners can provide a cool and comfortable environment for rooms up to 14 meters in length.

8. User-friendly: Sharp brand air conditioners have designed temperature, fan speed, and other settings in a very simple way so that the user can control as desired. Moreover, Sharp AC has a remote control system for added convenience.

What is the price of Sharp AC in Bangladesh?

Sharp AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 39,000 which is usually 1-ton capacity and depends on technology, inverter or non-inverter. Also, Sharp brand AC with J-Tech Inverter Technology, Air Purification, Plasmacluster Ion Technology are available which cost a bit more.