Gree AC Price in Bangladesh 2024 - 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton

Gree AC is one of the most popular air conditioner brand in Bangladesh. Split, window, cassette and portable types of Gree AC are available in Bangladesh at affordable price. Split Gree AC price in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 39,000 to over Tk 100,000 and the price mainly depends on its cooling capacity and technology. So if you buy the capacity of how many tons of Gree AC you need, you will save some budget as well as the electricity bill will be less. Also Gree AC has some special features like i-Feel button, Wi-Fi, scavenging function, health function. Gree AC in Bangladesh comes with 5 years warranty with Non-Inverter and 10 years warranty with Inverter so you can buy Gree AC with peace of mind. Gree AC is available at attractive offer on and you can buy it from anywhere in Bangladesh by comparing the price. Read more

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Gree AC Buying in Bangladesh

Gree is a Chinese AC manufacturer known as the "World Brand". Gree AC has also gained popularity in Bangladesh for its quality, service, and low price.

1. Gree AC compressors have a longer lifespan which allows them to be used for many days with a single compressor.

2. Gree AC is available in 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton to 5 ton in the current market so AC can be purchased as per the demand.

3. Gree AC with inverter technology is available to reduce power consumption.

4. Non-inverter gree ACs are available at low prices which are energy saving.

5. Gree AC is eco-friendly and maintains a consistent cooling environment in almost all environments.

6. The use of Green AC reduces electricity consumption, thus costing much less money for long-term use in homes, offices, and industrial areas in Bangladesh.

7. As the Gree AC is equipped with WiFi technology, apart from remote control, it can also be operated through a smartphone.

8. Moreover, since the inverter technology is incorporated into the Gree AC, the electricity consumption is reduced by about 60 percent.

9. In addition, Gree brand non-inverter ACs are made with only 3 compressors, resulting in a 20% reduction in electricity consumption when using non-inverter Gree AC.

10. The noise is very low when using Gree AC, as a result, no adverse environment is created when using it in offices and homes.

11. Gree AC is equipped with a self-cleaning function, so it can be used safely for a long time.

12. Gree AC uses a specialized voltage control system to avoid electrical short.

13. Almost all models of Gree brand ACs have different types of filtration systems including flat-paneled fiberglass filters, air filters, plated media filters, germ filters, HEPA filters, dust filters, and plasma filters. As a result, Gree AC provides a safe environment for people with allergies, respiratory problems, or the elderly.

14. Almost all models of Gree brand AC have about 7-speed control levels so that the airflow can be conveniently controlled.

What is the price of Gree AC?

The Gree AC price in Bangladesh is around 36,900 Taka which is a 1-ton AC and includes 10 feet pipe and warranty services. This is enough to cool 100 square feet space in the summer season of Bangladesh very effectively. However, some additional cost would be required while setting up the AC at your home or office like outdoor hanging stand & proper electrical wiring.

What is the price of 1.5 Ton Gree AC?

The price of the 1.5 Ton Gree AC is from 48,000 Taka which is enough to cool 150 square feet spaces effectively in Bangladesh. However, if the room is at the top floor then more powerful AC may be required for the same space. Installation cost is not included. For inverter technology, the 1.5 ton Gree Inverter AC price is 58,500 Taka to 60,000 Taka in Bangladesh based on the models and features.

How much it would take for 2-Ton Gree AC?

2-Ton Gree AC cost in BD usually from 57,000Taka to 72,000 Taka which is based on the technology like whether it is Inverter or non-inverter. This size AC can cool up to 200 square feet. If you require to cool more space then up to 3 ton Gree AC is available in BD stall. The price will depend based on the BTU.

How much bill will be reduced using Gree Inverter AC?

Gree inverter technology has special compressor where compressor's rotation speed is variable and rotates slowly as the room gets cooled. So it reduces the electric bill up to 70%. However, the price of the Gree inverter AC starts from 57,000 Taka but in the long run it will save a lot.  

What is the i-Feel button in the Gree AC?

This is a special feature designed by Gree where the remote has a temperature measuring sensor and the AC will maintain a temperature equal to where the remote is located.

What is the Wi-Fi function in Gree AC?

Some of the models available in Bangladesh have inbuilt Wi-Fi technology that connects the Gree AC to the smartphone using Wi-Fi through the app. Running AC using the app is very convenient.

What are the popular Gree AC models in Bangladesh?

Gree brand inverter and non-inverter AC of various capacities are available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. However, since some models offer higher energy efficiency ratings, using a gree AC can reduce electricity consumption. Currently, Gree GS-12MU410, Gree GP-12LF, Gree GS-18MU 410, and Gree GS-24-MU model AC have gained significant popularity in Bangladesh.