Walton AC Price in Bangladesh

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Walton AC Buying in Bangladesh

Walton AC is a product manufactured by Walton Group, a Bangladeshi electronics manufacturer. Walton Company provides Window AC, Split AC, Inverter AC, and Portable AC based on the demand of customers in Bangladesh. Due to domestic products' affordable price, innovative technology, and reliable performance Walton AC is very popular among consumers in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Walton AC in Bangladesh?

Walton AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 30,000 which depends on AC ton capacity, technology, inverter or non-inverter etc. However, the price of Walton brand AC with turbo cooling technology, air purification, dehumidification system etc. starts from TK 50,000.

Why buy Walton AC?

Walton AC is made with several special features that make it stand out from other brands in Bangladesh.

1. Innovative Technology: Walton AC has advanced technology including turbo cooling, auto-restart, sleep mode, air purification, and smart control.

2. Budget Friendly: Walton AC is much cheaper than other brands in the market. As a result, Walton AC will be the best air conditioner with advanced technology and new features within a limited budget.

3. Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: Walton AC uses R32 refrigerant which is eco-friendly and superior to other refrigerants.

4. Inverter Technology: Walton AC is efficient enough to cool the room environment based on the requirement. Because this brand of air conditioner has inverter technology that can save energy by adjusting the compressor speed while keeping the environment cool.

5. Turbo Cooling: Walton AC has a turbo cooling feature that helps in providing a fast and effective cooling environment on hot days.

6. Air Filters: Walton air conditioners have anti-bacterial filters, dust filters, and dehumidifying filters. As a result, the use of AC helps to purify the air in the room as well as improve the indoor air quality.

7. Wi-Fi Connectivity: Among the various models of Walton brand ACs, some models are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. Which will help to control the AC remotely using a smartphone app.

8. Energy Efficiency: Walton AC is designed to be powerful and efficient resulting in low power consumption and help save on utility costs.