Xiaomi AC Price in Bangladesh

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One of the special products of Xiaomi Corporation is Xiaomi AC. Xiaomi AC has gained a special reputation in the Asian continent due to the addition of advanced technology and being available at a relatively low price. Moreover, the use of Xiaomi AC saves electricity so users can enjoy the cool air of Xiaomi AC continuously at a low cost. Xiaomi AC is especially suitable for certain rooms in homes and offices. And, currently 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton capacity Xiaomi brand air conditioner is available in Bangladesh.

How many series of Xiaomi AC is available in Bangladesh?

Currently, three series of Xiaomi AC are available in Bangladesh. Which is: 1. Xiaomi Viomi AC Series, 2. Xiaomi Mijia AC series, and 3. Xiaomi Mi Inverter AC Series. Each series of Xiaomi air conditioners has certain design and technical differences. Therefore, AC of specific specifications should be procured considering the features of the series of Xiaomi AC as per requirement. However, especially Xiaomi Viomi series AC is more popular among the people of Bangladesh.

What is the price of Xiaomi AC in Bangladesh?

Currently, Xiaomi air conditioners are priced on the basis of capacity, technology, and filter system. Xiaomi AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 30,500 which is a 1-ton capacity AC, and is suitable for a 100 square feet room. Besides, Xiaomi Inverter AC is available in Bangladesh which costs a bit more.

Why buy Xiaomi AC?

Xiaomi AC is now widely popular among AC users in Bangladesh due to its advanced technology, automatic technology, and other special features. Detailed description of the special features of Xiaomi AC:

Airflow Mode: Xiaomi AC has 4 airflow modes, thus reducing and increasing the cooling airflow as needed based on the external weather. Airflow mode is effective to keep the room cool in any situation.

Temperature Adjustment: The room temperature can be raised and lowered from a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 43 degrees Celsius through Xiaomi AC. However, the AC temperature should be maintained within a certain degree Celsius based on the external weather conditions. Because if the AC is kept at the lowest degree Celsius in extremely hot temperature, the compressor of the AC may be damaged.

High-Density Filter: The Xiaomi AC has a high-density filter to remove the smallest microscopic dust particles from the air and transform polluted air into clean air. Hence, Xiaomi AC is suitable for use in asthma patients' rooms.

Energy Efficient: Xiaomi air conditioners have a 5-star energy efficiency rating and are comparatively energy efficient, resulting in 35 percent less electricity consumption. However, running the Xiaomi AC continuously at 25°C and above will result in lower power consumption. Moreover, running the AC at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius in extreme heat will increase electricity consumption slightly.

Automatic Feature: Xiaomi air conditioner has an automatic restart system, so it can restart automatically at excessive load. Also, there is an automatic sleep system that can automatically lower and raise the AC temperature in proportion to the room temperature while sleeping at night.

Design: Xiaomi AC comes with an attractive design that suits any interior design of an office or house room.