LG AC Price in Bangladesh


LG Corporation manufactures LG air conditioners suitable for use in both residential and commercial environments. LG AC is relatively energy efficient, reliable, and popular among users in Bangladesh as it is made with smart technology. LG ACs come in various types, designs, and sizes including split, inverter, and portable systems, so users can choose the AC according to their preferences and requirements.

Why buy LG AC?

LG air conditioners have become reliable and well-known to users by using various technologies and functions to provide a cool environment in proportion to the external environment.

1. Dual Inverter Technology: Dual inverter technology is added to LG AC which is able to provide complete cooling without noise in certain rooms of the home or office. Moreover, this AC uses two rotary compressors instead of a single compressor, thereby controlling the temperature at a precise temperature and cooling the room environment in a faster time.

2. Multi Airflow: LG brand AC uses Multi Airflow technology which provides cool air to the room and reduces hot air quickly. Moreover, the air conditioner uses multiple vents at the front and back to distribute cool air evenly throughout the room.

3. Auto Cleaning: LG AC has an auto cleaning function unit that helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria and tiny dirt inside. As a result, LG AC consistently delivers pure and healthy air.

4. Smart Think Technology: LG AC uses Smart Think technology so that the air conditioner can be controlled using a smartphone or other compatible device. Moreover, this technology helps to adjust the temperature and set the schedule from anywhere.

5. Smart Diagnosis Technology: Smart diagnosis system is used in LG air conditioners. Which helps in quick and easy troubleshooting using smartphone or other compatible devices when encountering any kind of error while using the AC.

6. Active Energy Control System: The Active Energy Control System basically adjusts the energy consumption of the air conditioner based on the cooling requirement. As a result, using LG AC saves electricity.

7. Energy Saving Mode: Energy saving mode of LG air conditioner basically reduces the power consumption when the AC is not in use and saves money on the electricity bill.

8. Safety Features: LG AC has high voltage protection that keeps the user and the air conditioner safe from electrical faults. In addition to high voltage protection, LG air conditioner has other protections such as over current, over temperature, and anti-corrosion coating to protect against rust and corrosion.

What is the price of LG AC in Bangladesh?

LG AC price in Bangladesh starts from TK 62,000 which usually comes with 1-ton capacity and inverter technology. However, LG brand AC with dual inverter technology, multi-airflow, smart think technology, and protection system technology cost a bit more.