Midea AC Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024 | 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton

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Over the last few years, Midea has become one of the most popular electronics brands in Bangladesh and the AC brand of the Midea brand is one of the most popular due to its affordable price and availability. Below are some features of Midea AC:

1. Midea ACs can cool the room very quickly. This is because it has a wide blower that releases a lot of cool air at the same time so that the temperature is favorable.

2. The Midea AC compressor is very modern so it makes very little noise and the condenser is located on the outside so it can keep the room cool for a long time by releasing heat very nicely.

3. Installing Midea Split AC does not require additional windows or space, Split AC can be easily installed on any wall. The body is made of strong material so it can run easily for a long time. The blades, fans, etc. of the AC are of very high quality and last for a long time.

4. Midea AC is very good for the body especially it does not cause respiratory and allergic problems. This AC can provide cold air evenly throughout the house and has the ability to flow cold air in a very short time. Midea AC is easy to use for everyone as it is cheaper than other ACs.

What is the price of Midea brand AC in Bangladesh?

Midea ACs are available in Bangladesh at very affordable prices and the Midea AC price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 26,000 which uses a compressor of non-inverter technology and can cool from 100 to 120 feet. The AC comes with a remote and a few other things. However, the price of AC depends on its cooling technology, BTU, model and type of AC. For example, the price of window Midea AC is relatively low and quickly cools, but the split type is more popular.

What is the price of 1.5 ton Midea brand AC in Bangladesh?

A 1.5 ton Midea AC in Bangladesh costs only Taka 34,000 for a 150-160 square feet room and is a non-inverter. Very low power consumption as many advanced technologies are used in Media AC. The price of 1.5 ton Media inverter AC will be more around Taka 44,000. However, it is very energy efficient which is good for Bangladesh.

What is the price of 2 ton Midea brand AC in BD?

The 2-ton Midea AC can cool a space of 200 square feet or more, with prices ranging from around Taka 43,000 to Taka 60,000 in BD. The price depends on the cooling technology such as inverters and non-inverters. It has quick cooling so it can cool very quickly.

How much bill can be saved in Midea Inverter AC?

Midea inverter AC can save up to 70% power. However, it depends on the weather. And if the door of the room is opened frequently, the savings will be a little less. The rotation of its compressor is variable rotation so when it gets cold the compressor will run less and its bill will come down. However, if you run continuously for a long time, Midea inverter AC is economical.

What is the follow-me button in Midea AC?

This is a nice feature of Midea AC which is in the remote control and it shows how much the room temperature is and it shows how fast the room is getting cold.